Cabinet making

A friend and regular interlocutor, reacting to a comment I made about a week ago, suggesting that the Trudeau cabinet is still too large, challenged me to look at the “ideal” cabinet. Now, it is certainly no secret that I think the “best” government Canada ever had, in modern times, say during the past century,Continue reading “Cabinet making”

Same problem: a failure to enunciate on Twitter

Edit: last paragraph Almost two years ago I wrote that Dr Kellie Leitch, during the Conservative leadership campaign, “took ownership of the “barbaric cultural practices” theme and will take responsibility for proposing that we “screen” immigrant for “misogynist behaviour” out of a very real and deeply held conviction that too many women and girls areContinue reading “Same problem: a failure to enunciate on Twitter”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Salafi-jihadism

Katherine Zimmerman, a research fellow at the generally conservative American Enterprise Institute, has written a good article for Foreign Affairs in which she explains that, while: “It may appear as if a global victory over the Islamic State is near, but it is not. What U.S. policymakers never seem to learn is that when itContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Salafi-jihadism”

Good for the CPC … I hope

There is a report in the Hill Times which says that “Seven Conservative MPs are facing nomination challenges for the 2019 election, but there is widespread speculation the party’s leadership is behind at least some of those challenges, which the party strongly denies … [and] … “There were some OLO staffers last fall who wereContinue reading “Good for the CPC … I hope”

2019 (7): Demons and “Veto Voters”

John Ibbitson, always an astute observer of Canadian politics, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is vulnerable. The idol of progressives around the world has been tripped up at home through a series of missteps that have combined to forge a new narrative: Out-of-touch Liberal elites vacation on exotic islandsContinue reading “2019 (7): Demons and “Veto Voters””

Bad news for Andrew Scheer

Notwithstanding the absolutely horrid proposal to punish doctors, farmers and small business owners for not being civil servants, notwithstanding the colossal screw-up of the CF-18 replacement, notwithstanding failing to keep Justin Trudeau’s signature electoral reform promise, notwithstanding the shameful payoff of Omar Khadr, and notwithstanding the chaos on our borders, ABACUS Data tells us thatContinue reading “Bad news for Andrew Scheer”

A message for all Canadians

I have gone on, over and over again, about politicians, especially those in the Liberal Party of Canada, selling the sizzle and not providing any steak. Confucius, as usual, said it better: We need more “superior” men and women on Parliament Hill, in Queen’s park and other provincial legislatures, and in town and city halls,Continue reading “A message for all Canadians”

A message for Conservatives

As the day when we will have a new leader ~ not the one, perhaps, that you or I wanted, most ~ draws near, it is time to think of something the great American statesman Thomas Jefferson said: We will, under our next leader, still be friends, I hope. Some of us will be disappointed,Continue reading “A message for Conservatives”

Leadership (3)

Andrew MacDougall, who was director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has written a pretty scathing attack on both Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary in the Ottawa Citizen. “Months into this race,” he asks, “is there for anyone to be excited about?” No, he says, after describing Dr Leitch as “mendacious” and suggests that peopleContinue reading “Leadership (3)”

Hear, listen, understand and respond

I said, just minutes ago, in speaking about an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail by Michael Valpy, that we, moderate Conservatives, must hear, must actually listen to and must understand the voices out there that are raised to express their, often inchoate, fear and anger. In the Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente, aContinue reading “Hear, listen, understand and respond”