Congratulations …

… to President Joe Biden and to Vice President Kamala Harris on their formal inauguration: I, like, I hope, the overwhelming majority of Canadians and billions of people around the world wish you and America well. Congratulations, also, to all those ~ officials, police officers and soldiers ~ who ensued that the “peaceful handover ofContinue reading “Congratulations …”

2024 in Republican America

First, let me say that despite a few undeniably good things that he did, I will be very happy to see the end of Donald J Trump. Second, I have suggested, about a year ago, that former Ambassador and Governor Nikki Haley is running hard to be the Republican candidate for President in 2024. MyContinue reading “2024 in Republican America”

Trump 2020

The Globe and Mail‘s editorial board says, in the wake of the fiasco that was Special Counsel Mueller’s recent testimony to the US Congress, that “Robert Mueller’s testimony before two Congressional committees in Washington on Wednesday was the very embodiment of why the Democrats are at risk of handing the 2020 election to President DonaldContinue reading “Trump 2020”