On Donald Trump

A bit more than a week ago, one of my interlocutors asked: “When are you going to get around to thanking Trump for not getting us all into another war where innocent people are going to be slaughtered while talking heads get to waste our time forcing their opinions on us and santizing mass murder.”Continue reading “On Donald Trump”

After John Bolton

Richard N Haass, a distinguished American former diplomat and now president of the Council on Foreign Relations, writes in the Financial Times that “Glory seems especially fleeting for American national security advisers, as we have now had three in less than three years … [and] … The most recent to be shown the door isContinue reading “After John Bolton”

Donald Trump’s strategic aim and objectives

There is an insightful article in Foreign Affairs, by Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution, in which he suggests that, at the mid term mark of his first term, the aim and directions of President Donald Trump’s grand strategy is becoming clear. “It has become a commonplace,” Dr Wright says, “to describe the foreign policyContinue reading “Donald Trump’s strategic aim and objectives”

Another step down the Cold War 2.0 path

I see, in an article in the Globe and Mail, that “President Donald Trump said Saturday he will pull the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty because Russia has violated the agreement, but he provided no details on the violations … [and] … The 1987 pact, which helps protect the security of the U.S.Continue reading “Another step down the Cold War 2.0 path”

North Korea, again

So, we enter the next phase of the negotiations over the eventual reunification of the Korean Peninsula … having made the world heave a sigh of relief and, almost certainly, gotten himself mentioned in Nobel Peace Prize discussions, North Korea has now, according to an article in the South China Morning Post, “threatened Wednesday toContinue reading “North Korea, again”

No constraints?

Adrian Morrow, writing in the Globe and Mail tells about how US Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster “was a key ally for the Trudeau government in Mr. Trump’s administration. He argued strenuously for Canada to be exempted from the President’s tariffs on steel and aluminium, and was in favour of preserving the continental free market inContinue reading “No constraints?”