Justin Trudeau has ceded the right to govern

Derek Burney, who, over a long and distinguished career, has been a diplomat, political strategist, business executive and teacher, too, writes, in the National Post, that “It is times like this when Lucien Bouchard’s claim that “Canada is not a real country” has an eerie ring of truth. Protesters of many stripes have the upperContinue reading “Justin Trudeau has ceded the right to govern”

She’s right

Please watch this short video clip (it’s only 30 seconds long). It’s packed with real facts, with genuine data, in short, with the truth. Governor (Ambassador) and maybe future US presidential candidate Nikki Haley says that: “In the last 70 years … [i.e. since after I was born] … over 4 Billion people have beenContinue reading “She’s right”

A coalition?

I have been saying, for some months now, that “The CPC might be able to form a minority government but it is equally, perhaps even more likely that Justin Trudeau, with the formal support of Jagmeet Singh, would be able to continue to govern with some support from the BQ and the Greens on anContinue reading “A coalition?”

Cabinet making

A friend and regular interlocutor, reacting to a comment I made about a week ago, suggesting that the Trudeau cabinet is still too large, challenged me to look at the “ideal” cabinet. Now, it is certainly no secret that I think the “best” government Canada ever had, in modern times, say during the past century,Continue reading “Cabinet making”

I have to agree

I am a big fan of John Baird … I thought he was a fine Ontario PC minister (1995-2005) and an exceptionally able CPC Foreign Affairs Minister from 2011 to 2015 ~ I’m afraid that Chrystia Freeland, who may be the best of the Trudeau ministers, is really second rate compared to Mr Baird. But,Continue reading “I have to agree”

Decent populism

A few weeks ago I quoted Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte when he talked about the “wrong kind of populism.” Now I see a book review, in The Times about David Goodhart’s new book which is reputed to be a thoughtful, well reasoned and moderate analysis of the populism sweeping Britain, Europe and the world today: The Road to Somewhere: TheContinue reading “Decent populism”

Land forces

I said, yesterday, that: “I’m going to write, for a few days, on how I believe Canada can (because it has the resources) and should (if it has the will) establish, maintain and use its military forces and ancillary service, too … [and] …  The structure I am going to describe will require a lot moreContinue reading “Land forces”

Leadership (3)

Andrew MacDougall, who was director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has written a pretty scathing attack on both Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary in the Ottawa Citizen. “Months into this race,” he asks, “is there for anyone to be excited about?” No, he says, after describing Dr Leitch as “mendacious” and suggests that peopleContinue reading “Leadership (3)”

Self destruct? Not likely …

Lorrie Goldstein, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “The federal Conservatives these days are a textbook example of the political reality that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything … The latest example, ” he says, “is a bizarre brawl in the party over leadership contender Kellie Leitch’s logical proposal that immigrants to CanadaContinue reading “Self destruct? Not likely …”