Afghanistan in retrospect (2) (History)

A few weeks ago I commented on the long (2001 to 2014) Afghanistan campaign … one hesitates to call it a war; the Canadian Forces were, pretty clearly, at war; Canada was, equally clearly, not. It was Canada’s largest and most costly, in both blood and treasure, military operation since Korea (1950 to 1953) butContinue reading “Afghanistan in retrospect (2) (History)”

Some good news for the Liberal Party

There is an interesting article, albeit a somewhat discouraging one for Conservatives, in the Hill Times, which says that polling (done before the Indian fiasco) indicates that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal approval rating has dropped nearly 10 points since last May, but the Liberal Party of Canada has yet to take a hit, pollingContinue reading “Some good news for the Liberal Party”

Another thing …

… worth remembering, especially for Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau, Ministers like Scott Brison, Chrystia Freeland, Ahmed Hussen, Catherine McKenna, Jane Philpott and Harjit Sajan and, of course General Jonathan Vance and all the admirals and generals, commodores and colonels and warrant officers, petty officers and sergeants, too: As always, with thanks to my friend theContinue reading “Another thing …”

It should not need mentioning …

… but … I saw this picture on social media: Scott Brison (left) is Canada’s first openly gay cabinet minister and he is with Svend Robinson (right) who was Canada’s first openly gay MP. Now, I do not know either man, personally, but I am sure both were and are dedicated public servants and theContinue reading “It should not need mentioning …”

A message for all Canadians

I have gone on, over and over again, about politicians, especially those in the Liberal Party of Canada, selling the sizzle and not providing any steak. Confucius, as usual, said it better: We need more “superior” men and women on Parliament Hill, in Queen’s park and other provincial legislatures, and in town and city halls,Continue reading “A message for all Canadians”

Land forces

I said, yesterday, that: “I’m going to write, for a few days, on how I believe Canada can (because it has the resources) and should (if it has the will) establish, maintain and use its military forces and ancillary service, too … [and] …  The structure I am going to describe will require a lot moreContinue reading “Land forces”

A threat to our national security

Many thanks to my friend Tony Prudori for posting this article. The topic has also been under discussion on where members focused on this bit from the report: “If we don’t change the position and the approach we have, I think the conversation is going to change away from transitioning members to national security.“ I haveContinue reading “A threat to our national security”

One of our Canadian values: our military heritage

This video, set to an excerpt from a speech speech that former British MP and Defence Secretary Michael Portillo gave to the Conservative Party Conference in 1995, is applicable to Canada, to. We are also slow to quarrel but we, also, fight to win. We need to remember our “real history” of bravery in theContinue reading “One of our Canadian values: our military heritage”

Can history repeat itself?

A few months ago I offered my opinion that “Mr Trump is riding a wave of American fear and anger towards a high office for which he is extraordinarily ill-suited.” I also agreed wholly with Professor Daniel Pipes who said that “Trump’s boorish, selfish, puerile, and repulsive character, combined with his prideful ignorance, his off-the-cuff policyContinue reading “Can history repeat itself?”

Is that all there is?

On again, off again, single issue UKIP leader Nigel Farage says … … and one has to ask, Is that all it was? Did it all ~ Brexit, Donal Trump, the rise of populism and nativism in Europe and America ~ actually start in Canada in 2015? We had in 2015 about as close toContinue reading “Is that all there is?”