The Jacksonians take over

The White House has just released a new National Security Strategy. It is not a long read and it mostly makes good general sense … or it would if almost anyone other than Donald Trump was the US president; but that’s just my very personal opinion. It needs to be read in conjunction with anContinue reading “The Jacksonians take over”

More on the art of war

This ought to be self evident to every single elected politicians, but I fear it is not, especially not now, in 2017 in Ottawa … … but it is understood in Beijing and by several key players, probably not including President Trump, in the USA, also. It needs to be understood in Canada.  

It’s simple enough: no one gives a damn

The National Post, in an unsigned National Post View (editorial) piece asks: “Which branch of the military, exactly, do the Liberals plan to gut this time?“ After explaining that underfunding the military and choosing to ignore our commitment aspiration to spend 2% on defence is a bipartisan Canadian political tradition, the Post reviews the current deficiencies:Continue reading “It’s simple enough: no one gives a damn”


A couple of weeks ago US President Donald Trump accused former US President Barack Obama of tapping his phones during the 2016 election campaign. That sort of blew over until, according to a report in the Mirror, very recently when “Donald Trump’s spokesman has sensationally suggested British spies may have colluded with Barack Obama to covertly surveilContinue reading “Nonsense”

A “civil war” in the White House?

The Financial Times reports that “A civil war has broken out within the White House over trade, leading to what one official called “a fiery meeting” in the Oval Office pitting economic nationalists close to Donald Trump against pro-trade moderates from Wall Street … [and] … According to more than half a dozen people insideContinue reading “A “civil war” in the White House?”

The Trump effect (3): is it happening?

A few weeks ago, discussing how much we spend (and don’t spend) on defence, I suggested that US Secretary of Defence “James Mattis’ remarks were aimed at Canada, too, in spades, and with regard to both NATO and NORAD” … [and, I asked] … How can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau juggle his big spending, domestic andContinue reading “The Trump effect (3): is it happening?”

Making a right choice (2)

So, despite apparently having “lost” his first choice, because Vice Admiral (retired) Robert Harward could not reconcile his innate sense of duty with his distaste for the current, Trump, White House, President Trump appears, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, to have made a good choice in “Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster asContinue reading “Making a right choice (2)”

No great loss

The Financial Times (and the rest of the world’s media) reports, just a bit gleefully, that “Michael Flynn has resigned as US national security adviser over a scandal involving his contacts with Russia, in a major blow to President Donald Trump and his fledgling administration … [and] … His resignation marked the shortest tenure of aContinue reading “No great loss”

Getting it right (2)

So, according to several media reports, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and US Defence Secretary Jame “Mad Dog” Mattis, hit it off like two old army buddies. I’m a wee bit of a fan of General (ret’d) Mattis, in fact I would be a much, much happier man if he, not Donald Trump, was PresidentContinue reading “Getting it right (2)”

Adapt or die

Yesterday I quipped about Canada, and others, needing to be like small animals scurrying about while the elephants do battle, we need to be careful and nimble to avoid being trampled by the great, honking beasts. Now, in National Newswatch, Mike Blanchfield says that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have taken to Twitter this weekendContinue reading “Adapt or die”