Countering the elites

When, a couple of days ago, I described how some Conservative leadership candidates are acting as 21st century, right wing “bolshies“ and  challenging the orthodoxies of generally left of centre “elites,” I didn’t put names or face to those elites but this image … … of four men, all representative of the modern day politicalContinue reading “Countering the elites”

The sick men of Europe

I promised more about the sick man of Europe, but the problem, now, is to find a healthy one. Several months ago I talked about migration, not Brexit or even Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS  being the greater threat to European security. I added, some months later, that the migrants might cause the “unspooling” of the EU and even NATO.Continue reading “The sick men of Europe”

The welfare state

There is a very interesting, very useful and somewhat erroneous article in The Spectator by banker/journalist James Bartholomew about the misuse and abuse of the ideas put forth by John Maynard Keynes. After leading us through a well written and accurate summary of when and how one of the central tenets of Keynsianism, macroeconomic demand management,Continue reading “The welfare state”

The sick man of Europe (1)

In an article in the Globe and Mail, sub-titled “Forget Greece or Brexit: This could be Europe’s biggest crisis yet,” financial journalist Eric Reguly says that “Italy is cluttered with ailing banks, big and small, that are stuffed with non-performing loans worth an astounding 18 per cent of Italian gross domestic product – among the highestContinue reading “The sick man of Europe (1)”


A lot of people, including the publishers of the influential German newsmagazine Der Spiegel are worried about a Brexit. The equally influential Financial Times reports that “Volatility in currency markets intensified and the pound came under renewed selling pressure late on Friday after a survey showed the British campaign to Leave the EU had openedContinue reading “Brexit?”

Voting System

David Akin, of Sun News, has written a great column in today’s papers. It is headlined: “Our voting system works fine: Let’s keep it.” In his column he explains that two things are essential for a good voting system: It should be very good at “binding an elected representative to her constituents. And this,” heContinue reading “Voting System”

A Canadian Military Mission in Libya

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan told CBC News that “Canada could soon join a military coalition to take on ISIS in Libya, a country beset by a civil war and mounting Islamic terrorism.” Could? As in might, Minister? And, that would (could? might?) involve what, Minister? Boots on the ground? Canadian soldiers in combat?     Or perhapsContinue reading “A Canadian Military Mission in Libya”