What’s needed

So, another Globe and Mail editorial cartoon, this one by Brian Gable, gets right to the point: Another “watchdog” is going to do exactly nothing. The former Ombudsman did his job, he did the right thing. The problem was that the political leadership ~ specifically Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan ~ decided to ignore him and…… Continue reading What’s needed

Let’s get innovative

This report from Bloomberg News enunciates the real challenge facing President Biden. America is no longer the world’s most innovative nation. That distinction goes to South Korea. In fact, America dropped out of the Top 10, entirely: The top ten are South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Finland, the Netherlands and Austria. America,…… Continue reading Let’s get innovative

The link

So, I saw a report by Bill Curry, in the Globe and Mail, regarding an exchange of e-mails between high-level Liberal political staffers regarding the advice that the public service provides. He explains that “It is unusual for the internal e-mails of political staff to be released publicly, as such records are normally exempt from…… Continue reading The link

It is time

Many years ago an author/playwright put these words into the mouth of one of his characters: “I know what you’re against .. [but] … What are you for?” It remains a pertinent question today, for many, many people all around the world. Here in Canada it appears, to me, that Erin O’Tool and his Conservatives are fully…… Continue reading It is time


I see, in a Canadian Press report, from about a week ago, that the Information Commissioner, Caroline Maynard (top) has rapped the knuckles of the Privy Council Office, headed by Ian Shugart (bottom) who is, arguably, the most powerful unelected person in Canada’s government, and that includes Katie Telford. The problem is bureaucratic arse-covering. Officials…… Continue reading Unacceptable

It’s 2021 …

… and I note that the United Nations says that “The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system made up of 47 States responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe.” Isn’t that grand? We have a body, it meets in Geneva ~ lovely city,…… Continue reading It’s 2021 …

Losing the struggle for values

Dr Zack Cooper a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Laura Rosenberger, a Senior Fellow at and Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy in Washington, DC, say, in an article in Foreign Affairs that in “today’s competition between democracies and authoritarian powers is more than a power struggle: values lie at its…… Continue reading Losing the struggle for values

About the Great Reset

OK, first, The Great Reset is NOT some kooky conspiracy theory … no matter what fruitcakes like Glen Beck and the people behind QAnon might think. The Great Reset is a real plan by a real organization, the World Economic Forum ~ you know those people, including the rich and famous and world political leaders,…… Continue reading About the Great Reset

Biden’s world in 2021

Following on from yesterday’s discussion of what a Biden foreign policy might mean for Canada, I see, in The Economist, a very useful forecast signed* by Zanny Minton Beddoes, the Editor-in-chief of that journal that looks at the forces that might shape the post-COVID-19 and post-Trump world. She says that “Some years loom large in…… Continue reading Biden’s world in 2021