Doing the right thing and doing it right

I saw this in a story in the Ottawa Sun a few days ago: “The province will invest more than $8.4 million to expand home and community care in Ottawa this year, half of that for The Ottawa Hospital’s YouCare@Home program … [and] … The announcement Friday by Merrilee Fullerton, minister of long-term care and a formerContinue reading “Doing the right thing and doing it right”

Canada and China

Two items in the Globe and Mail caught my eye just the other day: First, Campbell Clark says that “Dominic Barton is the catch that Justin Trudeau wanted to get last time. Now he’s going to China after times have changed … [because] … Two Canadians are in Chinese jails, and Beijing’s official mouthpieces regularly fire derisiveContinue reading “Canada and China”

A good diagnosis and a useful prescription

Jack Mintz,  is a highly regarded economist who is the President’s Fellow at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy and who also serves on the boards of Imperial Oil Limited and Morneau Shepell (Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s family firm) and is the National Policy Advisor for Ernst & Young. He has written anContinue reading “A good diagnosis and a useful prescription”


In a report originally published in the Huffington Post and republished, online, by Yahoo-Finance, Daniel Tencer, who is the business editor of the Huffington Post, writes that “Canada has fallen out of the top 10 in a ranking of the world’s most competitive economies, a sign that Canadians may have a harder time succeeding financiallyContinue reading “Productivity”

Will the (possible) US-China trade deal be bad for Canada?

Two items in the Globe and Mail caught my eye: First, Adam Tooze, a professor of history, and director of the European Institute, at Columbia University writes that “Mr. Trump’s trade policy is a strange mélange. It represents not one single coherent response to globalization, but a series of reactions superimposed one on top of theContinue reading “Will the (possible) US-China trade deal be bad for Canada?”

A warning and a challenge

Liberal heavy-weight Scott Reid, in an article in the Globe and Mail that has been widely linked to and commented upon on social media, says that, as a result of the Jane Philpott/SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson- Raybould affair, “Mr. Trudeau has been remade into a mere mortal, a regular old politician – as someone concerned with theContinue reading “A warning and a challenge”

Climate change and human nature

There is a very useful article in The Economist which says that people all over the world, but especially in the USA, are starting to comprehend that climate change is real. But, the article says, and it’s a big BUT, “amid the clamour is a single, jarring truth. Demand for oil is rising and theContinue reading “Climate change and human nature”

Divisions (2)

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs has, according to a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, exposed the running sore in confederation: “The country,” he explained, “is still very much dependent on oil revenues and if Alberta continues to suffer economically, it will hurt the entire country — regardless of how much hydroelectricity Quebec has …Continue reading “Divisions (2)”

Climate change

There is a very useful article by Professor Ross McKitrick of the University of Guelph (who is also a senior fellow of the (quite conservative) Fraser Institute) in the Financial Post that talks about the impact that Doug Ford, assuming his PCs win this year’s Ontario election, might have on Prime Minister Trudeau’s green agenda. But, for me,Continue reading “Climate change”

Future wars (6)

The next article (the sixth of nine in a special report in The Economist weekly newspaper) with which I want to deal is headlined: “House to house ~ Preparing for more urban warfare ~ Much of the fighting in future wars is likely to take place in cities.” There is, the report says, “a growing, albeit reluctant, acceptanceContinue reading “Future wars (6)”