Everyman’s Strategic Survey: China

In my musing about threats and their interconnections, in this ‘Everyman’s’ series of reviews, I have mentioned several problem areas, including: Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS; The rest of the Middle East; US economic problems and social divisions; North Korea; Economic and social turmoil in Latin America; All sorts of turmoil in Africa; Europe ~ with or without a Brexit;…… Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: China

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (2)

Before there can be any sort of useful Defence Review there needs to be sort sort of a national Grand Strategy. I have not seen any such thing from the Justin Trudeau government unless running around the world trumpeting that sky-high deficits is good fiscal policy and talking to school children about climate change counts…… Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey (2)

The Decline of the West … again?

In an article in The Guardian, historian and author Professor Timothy Garton Ash (Oxford) revisits old ground, including in his own book, “Free World,” in  which he argues that “at the start of the twenty-first century, the West has plunged into crisis. Europe tries to define itself in opposition to America, and America increasingly regards…… Continue reading The Decline of the West … again?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to re-engage in the United Nations and to rejoin UN peacekeeping efforts which are, disproportionately, focused in Africa. Two article caught my eye: First, in Bloomberg News, a report that al Qaeda is regrouping in Mali, in North-West Africa and French forces are engaged there; and Second, a report…… Continue reading Africa?

The Senate

There is a report, in the Globe and Mail, that Prime Minister Trudeau is about to appoint seven new senators: Peter Harder, a retired senior bureaucrat and high-level corporate adviser, to be the Liberal government’s leader in the Senate; Raymonde Gagné, former president of Manitoba’s Université de Saint-Boniface; Frances Lankin, a minister in the former…… Continue reading The Senate

The nativists strike back

A few months ago I commented on remarks by Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in which, while attempting to mollify the many, many Germans who had already expressed doubts about her immigration policy, she expressed the notion that multiculturalism is a lie. It appears that the Germans weren’t mollified. Today we learn, from the Mail Online that, in…… Continue reading The nativists strike back

A Grand Strategy for Canada (3)

I have addressed a grand strategy more than once, and  specifically one for Canada twice now. But the question is: why? Why bother? Surely we are just a small country, one with no enemies, one that just muddle through … aren’t we? Prime Minister Paul Martin had it about right, back in 2005, when, in…… Continue reading A Grand Strategy for Canada (3)

The American (and Canadian) Nightmare

Noted American entrepreneur, executive and philanthropist Kenneth Langore, is a significant voice in the “Stop Trump, but No! to Hillary Clinton” movement (he just recently moved his (considerable) support from Governor Christie to Ohio Governor John Kasich) and he has, in an interview with CNBC, correctly, in my opinion, analyzed the source, the “root causes”…… Continue reading The American (and Canadian) Nightmare

The New Great Migration

A few weeks ago I suggested, in a post on Army.ca, that another Great Migration in which millions, even tens of millions of people ‘decide,’ if that’s the right word, to relocate for a whole host of good (to them) reasons, is underway. I also posted a sample of a few earlier great migrations, from…… Continue reading The New Great Migration