The Trump effect (3): is it happening?

A few weeks ago, discussing how much we spend (and don’t spend) on defence, I suggested that US Secretary of Defence “James Mattis’ remarks were aimed at Canada, too, in spades, and with regard to both NATO and NORAD” … [and, I asked] … How can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau juggle his big spending, domestic andContinue reading “The Trump effect (3): is it happening?”

Yet another ship?

There are two very useful article by Mark Collins on the Canadian Global Affairs Institute‘s 3Ds Blog: In the first article he explains that the Trudeau government has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking “input from the marine industry on options for filling potential interim needs in the Canadian Coast Guard’s delivery of icebreakingContinue reading “Yet another ship?”

Everyman (again) on Russia (again)

The Economist has published an excellent article in which it suggests how the US led West should move to contain what it calls “Vladimir Putin’s deadly, dysfunctional empire.“ First the authors say, we need to understand that despite the facts that “Every week Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, finds new ways to scare the world. RecentlyContinue reading “Everyman (again) on Russia (again)”

Another thought for prospective Conservative leaders

With thanks to my good friend The Regimental Rogue for the idea and graphic … before we can move all the mountains that need shifting ~ the fiscal, social policy, trade, foreign policy, infrastructure, government services and defence mountains ~ we need to be elected to govern, again. To do that we need, first, to convince mostContinue reading “Another thought for prospective Conservative leaders”

Ships, again (2)

Some good news from both the West and East coast shipyards for both the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard: First, from Seaspan, on the West Coast, a photo update (June, July, August and September) on the construction of the first of three Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV #1) which will be named theContinue reading “Ships, again (2)”

Yet another different ship

There is some encouraging news out of the Trudeau regime … the other day Judy Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement,and  John McKay, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, representing Harjit Sajjan, announced a modified approach aimed at delivering the Canadian Surface Combatant (the replacement for our 16 destroyers and frigates built in the 1970sContinue reading “Yet another different ship”