Whither the SoCons?

Almost four years ago I suggested that there was room, on the Canadian political spectrum, for four national parties: Today’s NDP, with much better leadership, should, I suggested, be able to regularly win between 15 to 35 seats and even more, now and again; The centrist Liberal and the equally centrist Conservatives should, regularly, again,Continue reading “Whither the SoCons?”

Gov’t agency says that Justin Trudeau lies

So, I see in a report by Grant Robertson, published in the Globe and Mail, that “In comments made in the House of Commons last week, the government suggested that the highly specialized system, known as the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), has seen no significant changes to the way it operates, despite internalContinue reading “Gov’t agency says that Justin Trudeau lies”

Is our Parliament without value?

Andrew Coyne, writing in the Globe and Mail, a few days ago, made a point that bears repeating: “The Liberal government,” his column is headlined, “is making a mockery of Canada’s parliamentary democracy.” That’s right: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, making parliamentary democracy in Canada “seem stupid or without value.” AndContinue reading “Is our Parliament without value?”

The inescapable conclusion

Rob Breakenridge, a well known journalist with the Global network of radio and TV stations and with newspapers in the Postmedia Network, says, in a recent opinion piece for GlobalNews, that “In trying to make sense of the prime minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament back in August, derailing the committee investigations into the WE Charity scandal alwaysContinue reading “The inescapable conclusion”

I disagree …

… with Michael Barrett and Pierre Poilievre when they propose to create a new parliamentary committee to investigate the WE Charity scandal. I agree that the scandal needs a thorough investigation. I would prefer a public, judicial inquiry, but that will not happen until we have a Conservative majority government. Any new committee will just beContinue reading “I disagree …”

My worst fear

Back about a decade ago the conventional political wisdom was that Prime Minister Stephen Harper wanted “a two-party system, one that pitted right against left, free enterprise against socialism, Conservatives against New Democrats.” I never agreed with that view … and I was never sure that was what Prime Minister Harper actually wanted because IContinue reading “My worst fear”

That was quick

So, at lunch time (Eastern Standard Time) today journalist Marci Ien announced that she wanted to be the Liberal Party‘s candidate to fill Bill Morneau’s now vacant seat in the federal riding of Toronto Centre … Well, I thought to myself, good for her! I don’t think many people, believed that her political sympathies layContinue reading “That was quick”

“Ladies and gentlemen …”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Pierre Poilievre says at 1’35” of this linked video, “this is a coverup.” He says that after showing page after page after page of “released” documents that are totally blacked out … … and after explaining that the prorogation of parliament means that the opposition parties cannot, now, force the government toContinue reading ““Ladies and gentlemen …””

Shameful …

… and dishonest and cowardly seem to be the main reactions to Prime Minister Trudeau’s decisions to prorogue parliament. Even The Star finds the timing awfully convenient, noting that “Thousands of pages of newly released documents back up the Trudeau government’s contention that it was federal public servants who recommended a student service grant programContinue reading “Shameful …”

Is the worst over?

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde is a very smart person and, on Friday, according to a report by Reuters, she said that Europe “is “probably past” the worst of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but the recovery will be uneven … [and] … Speaking as fears of a second wave shook investorsContinue reading “Is the worst over?”