A warning and a challenge

Liberal heavy-weight Scott Reid, in an article in the Globe and Mail that has been widely linked to and commented upon on social media, says that, as a result of the Jane Philpott/SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson- Raybould affair, "Mr. Trudeau has been remade into a mere mortal, a regular old politician – as someone concerned with the … Continue reading A warning and a challenge

Same problem: a failure to enunciate on Twitter

Edit: last paragraph Almost two years ago I wrote that Dr Kellie Leitch, during the Conservative leadership campaign, "took ownership of the “barbaric cultural practices” theme and will take responsibility for proposing that we “screen” immigrant for “misogynist behaviour” out of a very real and deeply held conviction that too many women and girls are … Continue reading Same problem: a failure to enunciate on Twitter

Put principles first

Two items in the Globe and Mail caught my eye: In the first, Gary Mason asks "Does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government really dislike Alberta and the West or is this just a convenient narrative, peddled by conservative politicians who have nothing but their own self-interest in mind?" He goes on to discuss the … Continue reading Put principles first

Two Canadas, too

Ian Bremmer, the President of the Eurasia Group posted this on social media ... ... with the headline: Two Americas. He's quite right, I think, but I also think that many of the caricatures, with only the slightest of modifications, fit Canada, too. I am reminded that just this week, for example, another Gay Pride celebration … Continue reading Two Canadas, too

Double standards (2)

OK, so we all know that the Justin Trudeau regime decided that any group that did not share the Liberal Party's official position on abortion rights ~ which are not in the Charter, by the way ~ could not receive government grants for summer youth employment projects, like feeding the poor. We were not surprised, … Continue reading Double standards (2)

2019 (11): Filling the gap

There is a very useful article by David Coletto, CEO of ABACUS Data, about a presentation he gave to the recent Manning Networking Conference here in Ottawa entitled: "The next 10%: Reflections and data on how the Conservatives can grow." The article explains that while the most recent ABACUS Data polls show this ... ... … Continue reading 2019 (11): Filling the gap

It should not need mentioning …

... but ... I saw this picture on social media: Scott Brison (left) is Canada's first openly gay cabinet minister and he is with Svend Robinson (right) who was Canada's first openly gay MP. Now, I do not know either man, personally, but I am sure both were and are dedicated public servants and the … Continue reading It should not need mentioning …