Fixing our foreign policy

Yesterday I wrote about the Alliance For Multilateralism which I believe is: Harmless, at worst; and Likely off to a shaky start because it already (see link above) includes a few (which is too many) countries which are either weak democracies or hardly democratic at all. That being said, Canada belongs in it because we … Continue reading Fixing our foreign policy

Information wars, again

I have commented before about the nature of "information warfare," and I think the ongoing tragedy on the Gaza/Israel border is a good illustration. Let me be clear: I am saddened by the massive, one-sided casualties which are enough to make many quite reasonable people doubt that Israel has all the "right" on its side. … Continue reading Information wars, again

Safer, less safe and uh, oh …

OK, without using any scale, I would argue that the world is measurably "safer" because President Donal Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will meet, on 12 Jun, in Singapore. Do they deserve to share the Nobel Peace Prize? Why not? Given the fact that the Norwegian Nobel Committee thrives on controversy it ~ a … Continue reading Safer, less safe and uh, oh …

Double standards (2)

OK, so we all know that the Justin Trudeau regime decided that any group that did not share the Liberal Party's official position on abortion rights ~ which are not in the Charter, by the way ~ could not receive government grants for summer youth employment projects, like feeding the poor. We were not surprised, … Continue reading Double standards (2)

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah

There is a very useful article in Foreign Affairs by Professor Mara Karlin which is headlined: "Israel's Coming War With Hezbollah ~ A New Conflict May Be Inevitable." Professor Karin asserts that "Another war between Israel and Hezbollah is almost inevitable. Although neither side wants a conflict now, the shifting balance of power in the Levant … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah