Fixing our foreign policy

Yesterday I wrote about the Alliance For Multilateralism which I believe is: Harmless, at worst; and Likely off to a shaky start because it already (see link above) includes a few (which is too many) countries which are either weak democracies or hardly democratic at all. That being said, Canada belongs in it because we…… Continue reading Fixing our foreign policy

Information wars, again

I have commented before about the nature of “information warfare,” and I think the ongoing tragedy on the Gaza/Israel border is a good illustration. Let me be clear: I am saddened by the massive, one-sided casualties which are enough to make many quite reasonable people doubt that Israel has all the “right” on its side.…… Continue reading Information wars, again

Safer, less safe and uh, oh …

OK, without using any scale, I would argue that the world is measurably “safer” because President Donal Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will meet, on 12 Jun, in Singapore. Do they deserve to share the Nobel Peace Prize? Why not? Given the fact that the Norwegian Nobel Committee thrives on controversy it ~ a…… Continue reading Safer, less safe and uh, oh …

Double standards (2)

OK, so we all know that the Justin Trudeau regime decided that any group that did not share the Liberal Party’s official position on abortion rights ~ which are not in the Charter, by the way ~ could not receive government grants for summer youth employment projects, like feeding the poor. We were not surprised,…… Continue reading Double standards (2)

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah

There is a very useful article in Foreign Affairs by Professor Mara Karlin which is headlined: “Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah ~ A New Conflict May Be Inevitable.” Professor Karin asserts that “Another war between Israel and Hezbollah is almost inevitable. Although neither side wants a conflict now, the shifting balance of power in the Levant…… Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah