No constraints?

Adrian Morrow, writing in the Globe and Mail tells about how US Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster “was a key ally for the Trudeau government in Mr. Trump’s administration. He argued strenuously for Canada to be exempted from the President’s tariffs on steel and aluminium, and was in favour of preserving the continental free market inContinue reading “No constraints?”

North Korea, again

The other day two American foreign policy commentators, Michael E. O’Hanlon and James Kirchick, both fellows at the Brookings Institute, published an article in The Hill headlined: “‘Bloody nose’ attack in Korea would have lasting consequences.” As you might guess from the title they do not believe that a pre-emptive US attack on North KoreaContinue reading “North Korea, again”

Trump and Russia, combined, are a significant threat to the West

Edward Luce, the Financial Times chief US correspondent, has written an article about Donald Trump that bears repeating. It is headlined: “Why Donald Trump will never escape Russia ~ The US president is being outplayed by special investigator Mueller’s chess moves.” But the issue of Mr Mueller’s legal skills and tactics are, relatively, unimportant, as isContinue reading “Trump and Russia, combined, are a significant threat to the West”

The Jacksonians take over

The White House has just released a new National Security Strategy. It is not a long read and it mostly makes good general sense … or it would if almost anyone other than Donald Trump was the US president; but that’s just my very personal opinion. It needs to be read in conjunction with anContinue reading “The Jacksonians take over”

Orwell never quite said it, but …

… it is something that Prime Minister Trudeau needs to consider: The closest George Orwell got to say this appears to be an extrapolation,  in a 1993 Washington Times essay by Richard Grenier, of  As George Orwell pointed out, people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violenceContinue reading “Orwell never quite said it, but …”

More on the art of war

This ought to be self evident to every single elected politicians, but I fear it is not, especially not now, in 2017 in Ottawa … … but it is understood in Beijing and by several key players, probably not including President Trump, in the USA, also. It needs to be understood in Canada.  

It’s simple enough: no one gives a damn

The National Post, in an unsigned National Post View (editorial) piece asks: “Which branch of the military, exactly, do the Liberals plan to gut this time?“ After explaining that underfunding the military and choosing to ignore our commitment aspiration to spend 2% on defence is a bipartisan Canadian political tradition, the Post reviews the current deficiencies:Continue reading “It’s simple enough: no one gives a damn”


A couple of weeks ago US President Donald Trump accused former US President Barack Obama of tapping his phones during the 2016 election campaign. That sort of blew over until, according to a report in the Mirror, very recently when “Donald Trump’s spokesman has sensationally suggested British spies may have colluded with Barack Obama to covertly surveilContinue reading “Nonsense”

Making a right choice (2)

So, despite apparently having “lost” his first choice, because Vice Admiral (retired) Robert Harward could not reconcile his innate sense of duty with his distaste for the current, Trump, White House, President Trump appears, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, to have made a good choice in “Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster asContinue reading “Making a right choice (2)”