The Throne Speech

Remember just a couple of months ago? The mainstream media, in the summer and, especially during the election campaign in September,  when the Globe and Mail said "with an economy that’s generally healthier than how he found it, despite large deficits, Mr. Trudeau can still craft a message of stability and prosperity for the “middle … Continue reading The Throne Speech

Nonsense (6 or 7)

So, the Globe and Mail reports that "Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says his party would ban military-style assault weapons if it forms government again, but he stopped short of an outright ban on handguns ... “We know that guns designed for killing the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time have no … Continue reading Nonsense (6 or 7)

It’s still nonsense

The Globe and Mail says, yet again, in an editorial, that "it’s time to look at banning these sorts of guns, which are increasingly employed in violent crime in Canada’s cities, and increasingly involved in homicides ... [and] ... These firearms are small, portable and easily concealed. They’re also relatively inaccurate, and have few legal uses. They’re … Continue reading It’s still nonsense