A constitutional alternative

Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, a couple of days ago, said, “Canada’s constitutional system makes it nearly impossible to get rid of the monarchy … [it is one of those things that takes the unanimous consent of all Canadian parliaments and legislatures] … But one day it is going to be unavoidable…… Continue reading A constitutional alternative

Experiencing things diffrently

I’ve just been reading the former Governor General’s statement announcing her (welcome) retirement. First, let me say that I wish her well. While, as I said several years ago, I believed (and still believe) that there was (and still is) a better choice, near at hand, she is a capable and accomplished, indeed an inspirational…… Continue reading Experiencing things diffrently

Is it time for a change? (2)

Just over five years ago I advised Prime Minister Trudeau on the best choice for Canada’s Governor General … … Not surprisingly, he didn’t listen. Now I see that the talented, indeed inspirational woman he did choose … … is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Mme Payette is, it appears from…… Continue reading Is it time for a change? (2)

Reviving democracy

Lorrie Goldstein, a veteran Toronto Sun journalist and a constant critic of Justin Trudeau’s inept management of government, was, I hope, only trying to stir up a little controversy when he said, just the other day, on social media:   My hope is that he was trying, indirectly, to remind us that we, Canadians, and…… Continue reading Reviving democracy

Official residences, again

The issue of official residences is back in the news. The folks in Official Ottawa  Justin Trudeau’s people, were caught lying, again being “economical with the truth.” Let’s be clear: Canada is a G7 country, by almost every sensible measure we are one of the world’s “top ten” in almost everything. Our elected leader, even…… Continue reading Official residences, again

Guessing games

Yesterday I asked everyone to come out and vote, but just the day before the ever-insightful John Ibbitson opined, in the Globe and Mail, that “With the general election less than two weeks away, and with the Liberals and Conservatives still tied in the polls, turnout could decide the result.” Your vote does matter! He did…… Continue reading Guessing games

Rookie mistake

There has been a massive wave  of concern, some of it justified, about Governor General Julie Payette’s remarks at a recent scientific conference. The concern has been exacerbated because both prime Minister Trudeau and Opposition Leader Scheer have waded in, on opposite side, of course. Her remarks were, in my opinion, pretty mainstream for someone…… Continue reading Rookie mistake

Not my first choice, but a good one …

CBC News is reporting that “Former astronaut Julie Payette will be the Queen’s new representative in Canada … [and] … The 53-year-old Montrealer, who speaks six languages, will be named the 29th governor general.” Mlle Payette is an accomplished person, and an inspirational leader and I am sure she will be a first rate Governor General.

The next GG

In an article in the Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson, very rightly, pays tribute to David and Sharon Johnston ~ they have, indeed, been gracious and stalwart vice-regal couple. Mr Ibbitson concludes by asking “Who will replace him? The choice of governor-general,” he explains “is a closely guarded secret that, to this writer’s knowledge, has…… Continue reading The next GG