Will President Trump provoke a descent back into hell?

Robert Kagan, the realist, or as he prefers to call himself, the liberal-interventionist historian, who is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, has written a rather frightening essay in Foreign Affairs which is headlined: "The New German Question ~ What Happens When Europe Comes Apart?" Dr Kagan reminds us that "The German question produced the … Continue reading Will President Trump provoke a descent back into hell?

Where is Europe headed?

While it is, nearly, impossible for one to contemplate what the next steps might be in the Brexit fiasco, the remainder of the European Union chugs along ... in a way. I see, in an article in the Express, that French President Emmanuel Marcon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have, in a ceremony in the … Continue reading Where is Europe headed?

Just a thought (4): Can the EU survive at all?

There is a slightly scary article in Foreign Affairs, by Helen Thompson, who is Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge, in which she says that "The European Union has always struggled to accommodate the democratic politics of its members. The problem became serious in 1999, with the creation of a currency union without an accompanying … Continue reading Just a thought (4): Can the EU survive at all?

A big idea

Yesterday I talked about two, interconnected, ideas that I want Andrew Scheer to pursue: building pipelines and re-equipping Canada's military with Canadian made vehicles.  Now here's another ... Watch this short video, please. It shows the world's GDP from 1960 until 2017 ... you'll see that the USA is consistently on the top and Canada is, … Continue reading A big idea

The Group of X (AKA the committee to save the world)

So, the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires has ended but, as Elizabeth Saunders reported in a piece that was published on the Brookings Institution's web page, it "was overshadowed by other news. But ... [she added] ... there wasn’t much to overshadow anyway." The problem, she explains, is that "Getting the world’s democracies to agree … Continue reading The Group of X (AKA the committee to save the world)

Problems, problems …

As Britain's exit route, if there is one, at all, from the European Union becomes more and more entangled with domestic political rocks and potholes, the French plan solidify the remnants of the EU faces renewed and stiffening challenges from the so-called New Hanseatic League about which I wrote last month. Now, I see in … Continue reading Problems, problems …

Layer cakes, again

There is a somewhat technical report in the Financial Times which says that a group of somewhat fiscally conservative countries is floating a proposal to strengthen the €Zone's enforcement of its own fiscal rules against the likes of France and Italy (and others) that fairly routinely fudge their budgets in efforts to get something for nothing. … Continue reading Layer cakes, again