Something is rotten …

… in the state of Canada. (Apologies to the bard.) I see in the Globe and Mail that “The federal government is partnering with Huawei to sponsor leading-edge computer and electrical engineering research at Canadian universities, a move critics say threatens this country’s national security and economic interests … [and] … The National Sciences andContinue reading “Something is rotten …”

Doing the right thing

This article, in the Hindustan Times and this in the South China Morning Post, both deal with the same issue: China is trying to wear down Japan’s ability to assert sovereignty over the disputed Senkaku (尖閣諸島 in Japanese) or Diaoyutai (or Diaoyu Islands (釣魚臺列嶼 in Chinese) which are, in reality, little more than a few (eight)Continue reading “Doing the right thing”

The chessboard

Yesterday, I said that Canada’s foreign policy is in disarray and then I saw an article by Marie-Danielle Smith in MacLean’s magazine in which she used the analogy of the world as a chessboard and said “last we checked, Canada does have a foreign minister – quite an energetic one – in François-Philippe Champagne. WithContinue reading “The chessboard”

Getting it right

A few days ago I said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had gotten things wrong, again, regarding India. Now I see, in an article in the South China Morning Post, that the British Prime Minister has gotten things right. The article says that “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited India, South Korea and AustraliaContinue reading “Getting it right”

This post is …

Some days bring news that is harder and harder to believe … like this story, in the Globe and Mail, which says that “Government documents, seen by The Globe and Mail and marked secret and for Canadian eyes only, show that officials at the highest levels of Global Affairs were alarmed that General Jonathan Vance,Continue reading “This post is …”

This needs public, official condemnation

There is a report in the Globe and Mail which says that the Ottawa based Come From China News account on WeChat, a popular Chinese owned message site (similar to WhatsApp), posted messages extolling China’s role in the Korean War in which over 26,000 Canadians fought and in which over 500 were killed in action,Continue reading “This needs public, official condemnation”

Partisanship, again

Senator Salma Ataullahjan is a “new Canadian,” she was born in Pakistan and came to Canada as a young woman. She was a well-known community activist and leader and was appointed to the Senate in 2010. Senator Ataullahjan wants to be Canada’s candidate for president of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), an organization that promotes co-operation amongContinue reading “Partisanship, again”

Did I speak too soon?

Just yesterday I gave a “thumbs up” to Canada’s diplomats, who are led by Canada’s Foreign Minister, The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, and, indirectly, by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But then I saw a report by Steven Chase in the Globe and Mail in which he tells us that “Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne said OttawaContinue reading “Did I speak too soon?”

BZ to Team Trudeau

Dr Adam Chapnick, who is a professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and who also serves as the deputy director of education at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto writes, in his eponymous blog, that “On July 31st, Canada achieved a significant foreign policy victory. It wasn’t flashy; it hadContinue reading “BZ to Team Trudeau”

I don’t often disagree …

… with Norman Spector, he is a man of HUGE accomplishments, an author, diplomat and very senior public servant, who always takes a reasoned approach to situations. But this time, I must. Mr Spector said … … and I think he’s wrong. I think Canadians should be quietly applauding today because Canada “dodged a bullet,”Continue reading “I don’t often disagree …”