War in the “grey zone”

I said, about 18 months ago, that "Western leaders like Presidents Marcon and Trump, Chancellor Merkel and Prime Ministers Abe, May, Rutte, Trudeau, Turnbull all see “war” as a binary choice ~ you’re either fighting or you’re not, while Putin and Xi see it as spectrum wherein actual armed conflict is only one of many, … Continue reading War in the “grey zone”

Are Andrew Scheer and the Good, Grey Globe right about China?

In an editorial, the Globe and Mail says that "After Canada arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in December, pursuant to an extradition request from the United States, China started hitting back. First came the arrest of two Canadians on trumped-up charges. And then, two months ago, Beijing began taking aim at Canada’s top export ... … Continue reading Are Andrew Scheer and the Good, Grey Globe right about China?

China, finally, takes aim at its real enemy

This follows from yesterday's post about Sino-Canadian relations and how to mend them. China has been lashing out at Canada for the past few weeks, including using what some observers call 'hostage diplomacy,' ever since Meng Wanzhou's detention, in Vancouver, in response to a US extradition warrant. Now, as the deadline for filing the paperwork … Continue reading China, finally, takes aim at its real enemy

Mea culpa: I’m told, by someone who knows, that I’m wrong on free trade with China

This is the third of a series of articles expressing my concerns about China's rise and Sino-Canadian relations, especially trade relations. Two came yesterday and this is the conclusion ... for the moment. Just yesterday I said that " We want it to be a trading partner and a fair competitor in the marketplaces of business … Continue reading Mea culpa: I’m told, by someone who knows, that I’m wrong on free trade with China

A little common sense

Barrie McKenna, writing in the Globe and Mail, last week, offers some common sense on how to proceed during the current freeze in Sino-Canadian relations. He opens his piece with some anecdotes about both Canadian private and public sector delays or withdrawals from the Chinese market and he says, and I agree, fully, that "Retreating … Continue reading A little common sense

Complications in the fighter follies

There is a story by Lee Berthiaume of the Canadian Press on National Newswatch that says that "The long effort to replace Canada's aging fighter jets took another surprise twist on Tuesday, as multiple sources revealed that French fighter-jet maker Dassault is pulling out of the multibillion-dollar competition." "The decision comes just over a week … Continue reading Complications in the fighter follies

Another aircraft

While I, and the Trudeau regime, and now Michael Ferguson, the Auditor General, are fussing over how to replace our fleet of 35+ years old CF-18 Hornets ~ the Liberals plan to buy more 35+ years old used Hornets from Australia to close a fictional "capability gap" that they, Team Trudeau, created ~ there is … Continue reading Another aircraft