Doing the right thing, the right way

A couple of weeks ago I gave Prime Minister Trudeau a BZ (military slang (based on a Navy flag signal) for "well done") for sending Canadians warships into the South China Seas for joint exercises with the Japanese navy. Here are two pictures of HMCS Regina (an elderly, but still lethal Canadian Navy frigate) (foreground, … Continue reading Doing the right thing, the right way

BZ to Prime Minister Trudeau

Yes, you read that headline write ... I, one of Justin Trudeau's fiercest critics, say "credit where credit is due" and I assert that it is due here, now because CTV News reports that "Canadian naval forces based on Vancouver Island will soon be joining the Japanese navy and the U.S. Seventh Fleet to enforce international … Continue reading BZ to Prime Minister Trudeau

It’s time for Canada to step up

This follows on from my post, made a couple of days ago, about China's potential expansion into the Mediterranean, via a Belt and Road deal with Italy. I have been saying, for over three years, now, time after time, at that, that Canada needs to step up and share part of burden, born almost exclusively … Continue reading It’s time for Canada to step up

Military recruiting and retention

Lee Berthiaume, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that "The Canadian Forces are considering whether to recruit elite special-forces soldiers straight off the street rather than forcing them to follow the traditional route of first spending several years in the military ... [and] ... The idea, which is still being debated, comes as Canada’s special … Continue reading Military recruiting and retention

A partial solution to the global irregular migrant problem

Some weeks ago I said, on the subject of illegal irregular migrants, that "We, Canadians, should understand what motivates these illegal migrants ~ most of them 95%+, for sure, just want to make better lives for themselves and their children, and we should not reject anyone, ever, on the grounds of race or creed or sex. Real, legitimate refugees need … Continue reading A partial solution to the global irregular migrant problem

Fair winds and a following sea …

I see in the news that HMCS Toronto, a Halifax class frigate, is "will leave Saturday morning to join Op REASSURANCE in the Mediterranean Sea. The operation is part of Canada’s support to NATO assurance measures in Europe." Toronto had a few technical issues last year: she lost power at sea and then had a … Continue reading Fair winds and a following sea …