It’s still nonsense

The Globe and Mail says, yet again, in an editorial, that "it’s time to look at banning these sorts of guns, which are increasingly employed in violent crime in Canada’s cities, and increasingly involved in homicides ... [and] ... These firearms are small, portable and easily concealed. They’re also relatively inaccurate, and have few legal uses. They’re … Continue reading It’s still nonsense

He doesn’t get it

Welcome to August ... summer flies by so quickly, doesn't it? Soon, in less than three months, the leaves will have turned and we Canadians will be going to the polls. I see, in an article in Le Journal de Montréal, that "Le chef du Parti populaire, Maxime Bernier, promet d'installer une clôture sur le … Continue reading He doesn’t get it


There is a very useful article in the Financial Times that talks about outgoing Chicago Mayor (and former Obama aide) Ram Emanuel's attempts "to retool the community college system. Since becoming mayor in 2011, Mr Emanuel has demonstrated two things. First, there is a large pent-up demand for technical education among young Americans, particularly in … Continue reading Education

Restoring the military balance

A recent report by the Commission on the National Defense Strategy, which is a panel charged by the United States Congress with making recommendations based upon its (the commission's) analysis related to the published (by the administration) National Defence Strategy, and to the larger geopolitical environment in which that strategy must be executed, says that … Continue reading Restoring the military balance

Immigration vs migration and so on, again

Two things caught my eye: A useful and data filled essay by Conservative shadow immigration minister Michelle Rempel; and An opinion piece in the Toronto Sun by Candice Malcolm. I agree with both that Canadian public opinion has turned, quite sharply against immigration and I think it has done so because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … Continue reading Immigration vs migration and so on, again

Undemocratic liberalism and the elitist oligarchs

In a thoughtful and provocative article in the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, a highly regarded British financial journalist and commentator who seems troubled by the same things that worry me, reviews some of the problems facing liberal democracy today and, quotes Yascha Mounk of Harvard University who says that "both “undemocratic liberalism” and “illiberal democracy” … Continue reading Undemocratic liberalism and the elitist oligarchs


Academic standards are a subject of some debate across Canada, with math scores being something of a flashpoint, and just recently elected Premier Doug Ford has promised that there will be a "back to basics" approach in Ontario. Predictably, of course, there is a backlash from, especially, the progressive community (which includes the teachers' unions) … Continue reading Education