The “old left” rises again

There is a very interesting article by Stephanie Mudge on the London School of Economics website suggesting that there is “a deepening rift in the economic prospects of older vs younger generations” in America and Britain (and Canada) which explains the sudden popularity of e.g. Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders and, I daresay, Justin Trudeau. ProfContinue reading “The “old left” rises again”

Righting the Conservative Ship

Tony Clement has written an excellent opinion piece for the Globe and Mail, entitled “How to right the Conservative ship,” in which he analyzes the October 2015 election. His main “take away” points are: The Conservative Party must continue to stand for low taxes for Canadians and a balanced budget in fiscal matters; and OurContinue reading “Righting the Conservative Ship”

How We (Conservatives) Can Win The Next Election

There are two kinds of political parties in Canada: Ideological ones, which, broadly and generally, fail; and Big tent parties which, equally broadly and generally, succeed. For years generations the federal Liberals and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives were the absolute masters of “big tent” politics in their respective spheres and they were, essentially, the “natural governing parties” in thoseContinue reading “How We (Conservatives) Can Win The Next Election”

The BIG Menace

Three articles in the weekend papers caught my eye: First: Jeffrey Simpson, in the Globe and Mail, explained how the Ontario Liberals have grossly, almost criminally, mismanaged projects for years; Second: Scott Gilmore, in the Ottawa Citizen, lamented the sad state of the state monopoly on alcohol and concluded that we get the governments we,Continue reading “The BIG Menace”

The next Conservative leader should be a lot like a long dead Liberal

I said, earlier, in a post about the Conservative leadership race, that we should look to Liberal Prime Minister Louis St Laurent as a “model” for our next Conservative leader … … Uncle Louis, as he was often called, not always with great affection, was, in the words of Gordon Robertson, one of the bestContinue reading “The next Conservative leader should be a lot like a long dead Liberal”

What the PM is (and is not) doing

I do not believe that there is, as e.g. Ezra Levant suggests a “media party.” I think the Toronto Sun is far different in tone and approach than the Toronto Star and the National Post differs, substantially enough, from the Globe and Mail; I think that both The Rebel and it’s opposite number, Rabble, are part of the “media,”Continue reading “What the PM is (and is not) doing”

Resetting the Conservative Party of Canada

The media is full of, mostly useless, advice for the Conservative Party of Canada. I see two trends: ~ Return to one element’s “Red Tory” roots; or ~ Go the whole hog to the social conservative/religious right flank. Both are, in my opinion, recipes for disaster. Both the Red Tories and the “SoCons” are fringesContinue reading “Resetting the Conservative Party of Canada”

What I want from the next Conservative Party of Canada leader

I self identify as being in about the middle of that conservative spectrum and I want a leader who, even though (s)he holds e.g. a principled pro-life position, recognizes and affirms that abortion is a settled issue, some Conservatives may wish to debate it, that’s their right, even to raise it in parliament, but theContinue reading “What I want from the next Conservative Party of Canada leader”