I am hopeful …

… that Erin O’Tool’s recent shuffle of his shadow cabinet which sees Pierre Poilievre moved to be the critic for Jobs and Industry a “portfolio” which does not exist in the Trudeau cabinet signals two things: A laser-like focus on working and middle-class Canadians ~ the ones, especially, in the suburbs and smaller communities inContinue reading “I am hopeful …”

Doug Ford (2)

Back in the Spring I said that “Premier Ford has stepped up, during the COVID-19 crisis, to become ‘Captain Canada.’ His instincts and his “everyman” approach are exactly what Ontario, and, indeed, all of Canada needs today. Premier Ford understands the fears and hopes of the truck driver and grocery store clerk and the hospital nurse.Continue reading “Doug Ford (2)”

“We’ve been spanked, we’ll pick up our game”

I see that General (retired) Rick Hiller has taken responsibility for the decision to halt Ontario’s vaccination programme over the Christmas holiday. He told CTV News that ““We shouldn’t (have) made that decision. I take responsibility for that. And clearly, we got it wrong. We’ve been slammed, we’ve been spanked, we’ll pick up our gameContinue reading ““We’ve been spanked, we’ll pick up our game””

Birds do it, bees do it …

… so wrote Cole Porter in a witty 1928 song ~ actually his original lyrics were quite racist and offensive and the modern version (sung by the great Ella Fitzgerald in the link) didn’t emerge until the mid or late 1940s. Now, in a recent column in the Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson asks ifContinue reading “Birds do it, bees do it …”

The Good Grey Globe Gets It

This (12 November) editorial in the Globe and Mail says what I think. As I have said before, I worry a lot about small, independent businesses, small stores and restaurants, going under, for good, but I also worry, even more, about my wife and my son and my friends and neighbours and about my ownContinue reading “The Good Grey Globe Gets It”

I admit …

Today, as Canada marks the “grim milestone” of 10,000 COVID-19 deaths, I admit that I’m conflicted and almost certainly confused by the COVID-19 responses. I was, still am a bit, surprised by the second wave ~ apparently I shouldn’t be; apparently we were warned but we ~ the Big WE that includes e.g. Prime MinisterContinue reading “I admit …”

The Ford Factor (2)

I saw a report on CBC News about a week ago saying that “The federal government and Ontario have pledged to spend up to $500 million to make the Ford plant in Oakville, Ont., able to build electric vehicles … [the report says that] … The future of the plant has been a key questionContinue reading “The Ford Factor (2)”

The Ford Factor (1)

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “In the next election campaign, whenever it comes, Justin Trudeau won’t have Doug Ford to kick around any more … [as he did] … In last year’s federal election … [when] … the Liberal Leader focused as heavily on the Ontario Premier, who was thenContinue reading “The Ford Factor (1)”

Hey, you, get out of my jurisdiction

Remember that Rolling Stones hit from the 1960s: Hey, you, get off of my cloud? No? Do you mean anyone who actually remembers the ’60s wasn’t really there? Or is it that ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll sounds too much like the Team Trudeau campaign slogan? After all, legalizing pot was just about theContinue reading “Hey, you, get out of my jurisdiction”