CANZUK, again.

Nigel Wright, who was Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (and who resigned when it was discovered that he used his own money to repay some of Senator Mike Duffy’s misappropriated expenses) and is now the (London based) Senior Managing Director of the multi-billion dollar Onex Corporation, says, in a piece published byContinue reading “CANZUK, again.”

I am hopeful …

… that Erin O’Tool’s recent shuffle of his shadow cabinet which sees Pierre Poilievre moved to be the critic for Jobs and Industry a “portfolio” which does not exist in the Trudeau cabinet signals two things: A laser-like focus on working and middle-class Canadians ~ the ones, especially, in the suburbs and smaller communities inContinue reading “I am hopeful …”

Apologies to the Bard, but …

… The country doth protest too much, methinks. I see, in a social media post by Chinese state media outlet Global Times … … that the Chinese government is annoyed by what appears to be a continuation, by the Biden administration, of the Trump regime’s policy of calling China out for every breach of theContinue reading “Apologies to the Bard, but …”

What MUST happen

So, three things caught my eye today: First was a very informative piece in Politico about who has the power to “make or break” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2021. Not surprisingly a lot of Liberal ministers are there, especially some, like Patty Hajdu and Anita Anand who are in the news for less thanContinue reading “What MUST happen”

Congratulations …

… to President Joe Biden and to Vice President Kamala Harris on their formal inauguration: I, like, I hope, the overwhelming majority of Canadians and billions of people around the world wish you and America well. Congratulations, also, to all those ~ officials, police officers and soldiers ~ who ensued that the “peaceful handover ofContinue reading “Congratulations …”

And he’s gone …

Four years ago, today, commenting, in part on the inauguration of Donald J Trump, I said that this … … pretty much reflected the reality in our world. Well, some things change. It’s too soon to sing “Ding dong, the witch is dead,” but, at least, Donald J Trump has left the White House: Sadly,Continue reading “And he’s gone …”

I don’t know what to say

I am dismayed, shocked, horrified … what words can I use to describe what is going on in the USA? A gang of thugs has invaded and vandalized the capitol of one of the world’s greatest democracies. Rest assured that Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have never ben happier. Chinese and Russian andContinue reading “I don’t know what to say”

I’m sceptical, too

The Economist, in an article by Lexington, it’s United States correspondent, says that “Appalling as it has has been to witness an American president try to steal an election, Donald Trump’s efforts have amounted to less than the best-informed prognosticators feared … [but] … It has also illustrated – yet again – Mr Trump’s iron gripContinue reading “I’m sceptical, too”

Cold War 2.0 (Biden)

Like it or not we have Cold War 2.0 and few things will matter more in the fist half of the 2020s than how President-elect Joe Biden manages the US-led West’s relationship with (against) China. The Economist, in its recent “lead” article says that “The achievement of the Trump administration was to recognise the authoritarian threatContinue reading “Cold War 2.0 (Biden)”