War in the “grey zone”

I said, about 18 months ago, that "Western leaders like Presidents Marcon and Trump, Chancellor Merkel and Prime Ministers Abe, May, Rutte, Trudeau, Turnbull all see “war” as a binary choice ~ you’re either fighting or you’re not, while Putin and Xi see it as spectrum wherein actual armed conflict is only one of many, … Continue reading War in the “grey zone”

Turmoil at the top

I see, from a story on Global News, broken by Mercedes Stephenson, of Global and David Pugliese (Post Media), two journalists with very good sources inside DND and the Canadian Armed Forces, that "The second in command of Canada’s military Lt.-Gen. Paul Wynnyk is resigning after he said Chief of the Defence Staff General Jonathan … Continue reading Turmoil at the top

Monumentally stupid

Originally, when I first saw this story, a week or so ago, I wasn't going to comment ... I didn't want to rub salt in the wounds which I know some personal friends still feel. But then the media picked it up: both Murray Brewster, writing for CBC News, and Vassy Kapelos on CBC's Power … Continue reading Monumentally stupid

Following the blind leader (3)

Back in 2015 and again in April 2016, I commented on what I consider to be a fairly consistent litany of failures in Ameican strategic leadership since, about 1960. Just this month I saw a new article (almost a synopsis of his recent book) in Foreign Affairs by George Packer about noted (notorious to some) America … Continue reading Following the blind leader (3)

A different sort of recycling

I mentioned, a few days ago, that I think that both General Jonathan Vance, the Chief of the Defence Staff, and Vice Admiral Mark Norman, would make excellent representatives for Canada in any number of important international posts. Retired military officers, like Admiral John Anderson, who served as Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the North … Continue reading A different sort of recycling

Canadian Forces: heads need to roll

Mercedes Stephenson, a Global News reporter who is well versed in and well connected to the Canadian military, posted this, on the afternoon of 30 Apr 19,  on social media: The picture in question is ... ... and sources confirmed to her that these are, indeed members of the Canadian Army (the 4th Canadian Division) who … Continue reading Canadian Forces: heads need to roll

A good question

David Krayden, who is a former Royal Canadian Air Force public affairs officer and legislative assistant on Parliament Hill, and who is, currently, the Ottawa bureau chief for The Daily Caller, a Washington-based media outlet, writing in the National Post, about the most recent Liberal budget reminds us that we "might recall the fanfare when … Continue reading A good question