Strong, Secure, Engaged (2)

The Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) is a military lobby group. It aims to have a bigger, better equipped military because that is in the interests of its members which are the "associations" representing the various branches of the military and the defence industry, itself. It's goal is to influence government policy with a view to advancing … Continue reading Strong, Secure, Engaged (2)

Promises, promises (4)

The National Post, in a recent editorial, makes a few very, very valid points about the recent statements by Global Affairs Minister Freeland and Defence Minister Sajjan. The crux of it is that a succession of Conservative and Liberal administrations have, with only a few exceptions, ever since Pierre Trudeau in the late 1960s, have … Continue reading Promises, promises (4)

Promises, promises (3)

The major critiques I am reading about the government's latest defence policy paper, Strong, Secure, Engaged, is that like so many others of its ilk it merely defers, until after the next election, any significant spending decisions ... once again, selling the sizzle without the steak. It's not new or in any way unique to … Continue reading Promises, promises (3)

The Trump Effect (4)

About three months ago I commented on some speculation that the Trudeau cabinet, under pressure from the Trump Administration, was going to boost defence spending from just under 1% of GDP to about 1,2%. Now, it's no secret that I think President Trump is far, far less than an adequate leader ... I seriously doubt … Continue reading The Trump Effect (4)

Strong, Secure, Engaged

So after something of a "bell ringer" of a speech by Foreign Minister Chrtsia Freeland in which she said that "We will make the necessary investments in our military, to not only redress years of neglect and underfunding, but also to place the Canadian Armed Forces on a new footing—with the equipment, training, resources and … Continue reading Strong, Secure, Engaged

I take some of it back

I was pretty hard on Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland back in the early days of the Trudeau government, but if what she is quoted as saying in the Globe and Mail is substantially correct then I take it all back ~ well most of it, some of it, anyway. The key points from her major … Continue reading I take some of it back

Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities

Tony Battista, the CEO of the Conference of Defence Associations, a pro-defence lobby group and Charles Davies, who is a fellow with the CDA Institute, have written an article in the Toronto Sun that deals with two Senate reports about which I have commented: Military Underfunded: The Walk Must Match the Talk; and Reinvesting in … Continue reading Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities