Let’s have a defence policy debate

About a week ago the Toronto Sun opined, in an editorial, that “These past four years have seen a significant number of headlines that involve our defence priorities and the Canadian Armed Forces, yet politicians shy away from drawing any further attention to the issues … [but] … That ought to change. We need to haveContinue reading “Let’s have a defence policy debate”

A thumb on the scales

I’m told that the old expression about putting one’s thumb on the scales originated with dishonest merchants who tried to add a little weight to their sales by doing just that. It has become a synonym for corrupt practices, especially for corrupt political practices … … so I am not surprised when I saw this,Continue reading “A thumb on the scales”

The suburbs, again

I have been banging on for months years about the path to a Conservative victory being through the suburbs around e.g. Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Now, John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “People who live in suburban homes and go everywhere by car have been responsible forContinue reading “The suburbs, again”

Political warfare/weaponized news: a threat to Canada?

Murray Brewster has written an interesting but troubling article on the CBC News website on this topic. I dealt with some of this a few weeks ago, discussing war in the “grey zone” and also in “disinformation war,” but it is worth a return visit, especially because Mr Brewster goes outside of what most people regardContinue reading “Political warfare/weaponized news: a threat to Canada?”

More on Trudeau in India and Indian influence in Canadian politics

David Akin, reporting for Global News, says that “Indian government officials believe that the problem of Sikh extremism in Canada is a lot bigger than the Canadian government thinks it is.” That’s important because Mr Akin, a season, trusted journalist is saying Indian government officials, not Indian journalists of Canadian commentators. He adds, this timeContinue reading “More on Trudeau in India and Indian influence in Canadian politics”

Someone is “just not ready”

Well, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a lot of global publicity last week … not much of it good. Even the staid Financial Times, which rarely stoops to deal in gossip or scandal, had to report that “Justin Trudeau’s troubled trip to India ran into further trouble on Thursday after it emerged that a manContinue reading “Someone is “just not ready””

Canada’s foreign policy

Roland Paris, a professor at University of Ottawa, who is a very smart guy, and, in this day and age, a very media savvy guy ~ which might be equally important, and a former advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Allison Smith about Canada’s current foreign policy in this CPAC video. I agreeContinue reading “Canada’s foreign policy”

Getting ready …

It appears, according to an article in iPolitcs, that some smart, responsible people in the defence staff are getting ready for the inevitable: “Military setting rules for coping with child soldiers ahead of Africa mission,” is how the article is headlined. It’s a good move. ““We’re well aware we’re going to encounter this,” said oneContinue reading “Getting ready …”

Self destruct? Not likely …

Lorrie Goldstein, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “The federal Conservatives these days are a textbook example of the political reality that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything … The latest example, ” he says, “is a bizarre brawl in the party over leadership contender Kellie Leitch’s logical proposal that immigrants to CanadaContinue reading “Self destruct? Not likely …”

Cornerstone or stumbling block?

Almost ten years ago, when we, in the broad ‘military community’ were quite occupied with Afghanistan, some friends on Army.ca suggested that Canada needed to take a new direction in foreign policy, something like a pacific strategy, and they asked a question: is NATO still a cornerstone of our foreign policy, as it was from aboutContinue reading “Cornerstone or stumbling block?”