In the national interest

David Pugliese, one of only a tiny handful of Canadian journalists who writes knowledgeably about defence issues says, in a recent item in the Ottawa Citizen, that "the new CDS [Chief of the Defence Staff ~ the officer who replace retiring General Jon Vance] is expected to face the challenge of dealing with significant budget … Continue reading In the national interest

A Three Ocean Navy

Over on (there's an identical (in content), too, if you prefer blue), there's an interesting new discussion based on a recent article published by the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC). It raises an important issue for Canadians. Canada is a three ocean country ... ... and Canada needs a three ocean Navy. … Continue reading A Three Ocean Navy

More about ships (My plan (4))

There is an interesting discussion, over in, about the current "tanker war" in the Persian Gulf-Straits of Hormuz-Gulf of Oman region. One participant raises the very, very valid point that limited defence budgets mean that some countries (Britain and Canada come to mind very quickly) cannot afford large enough fleets of first-rate, general-purpose combat … Continue reading More about ships (My plan (4))

More on the major warship contract

David Pugliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, says that "The Liberal government is pushing ahead to try to get the Canadian Surface Combatant deal signed with Irving and the Lockheed Martin-BAE consortium either Thursday or Friday, sources say ... [and, he adds] ... That $60 billion project will see the eventual construction of 15 warships in … Continue reading More on the major warship contract

Ships, again: Type 26 for Canada

Both the Ottawa Citizen and CBC News are reporting that the BAE/Lockheed Martin Type 26 'Global Combat Ship,' a British design has been selected to be Canada's new major surface combatant warship ~ the backbone of the Royal Canadian Navy for the next generation. The CBC News report says that "Procurement services and defence officials … Continue reading Ships, again: Type 26 for Canada

Defending Canada in other ways

The media is starting to fill up with articles exhorting us to boycott US made products and telling us how to do that. It's likely to be harder than it looks for most Canadian consumers, but there are a couple of things the Government of Canada can do, quite legally and properly, to "stick it … Continue reading Defending Canada in other ways

Doing what’s needed

One of my old friends, commenting to another equally old friend on social media, said this: “Surely, the PM and his government must see the obvious -- that as the oceans warm and the ice melts the Northwest Passage becomes navigable year round. He's been sounding off about climate change ad nauseum so that would … Continue reading Doing what’s needed

75 years ago …

As in past years, I remember my father, Lieutenant Commander Frank Campbell and the other officers and sailors of HMCS Louisburg who were killed in action at sea off the coast of North Africa ... ... on 6 February 1943 while Louisburg was escorting a convoy of (mainly) troopships ~ most filled with US soldiers … Continue reading 75 years ago …

Ships – Corvettes, again

I have written several times about my concerns that the defence budget will not be able to accommodate 20± major surface combatants ~ large, 5,000 tons or thereabouts, frigates ~ and that we may need to settle for a fleet of, say, 8-12 very capable frigates and 10 to 12 smaller (say less than 2,500 … Continue reading Ships – Corvettes, again

Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities

Tony Battista, the CEO of the Conference of Defence Associations, a pro-defence lobby group and Charles Davies, who is a fellow with the CDA Institute, have written an article in the Toronto Sun that deals with two Senate reports about which I have commented: Military Underfunded: The Walk Must Match the Talk; and Reinvesting in … Continue reading Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities