A new poll

The (somewhat right-centre biased) Angus Reid Institute has released a new poll which shows that "for Liberal candidates, a disastrous slide in support over the first half of the year appears to have ended, making this a critical – albeit shrinking – period of time to try to regroup and rebuild ... [and] ... Conservatives, meanwhile, will … Continue reading A new poll

Too bad, the Liberals are losing a good MP

CBC News reports that yet another "high-profile Liberal MP won't be running in this fall's federal election ... [because] ... Andrew Leslie, a retired lieutenant-general who was elected in 2015, is stepping away from politics after one term as an MP ... [and] ... Leslie served as chief government whip when the Liberals took office and was … Continue reading Too bad, the Liberals are losing a good MP

Leaders give, they do not take

In the earliest days of the blog I said that we should look to Louis St Laurent, a mid 20th century Liberal, as a model for modern Conservative political leaders. My point was that the Liberal Party that St Laurent led, in the 1950s, was fiscally prudent, healthily nationalistic, socially moderate, mildly, progressive, committed to national … Continue reading Leaders give, they do not take

Is there any good news for anyone?

There is a lengthy and data filled article on the Angus Reid Institute web site ~ published before Jody Wilson-Raybould's bombshell testimony ~ which says that "As political watchers across the country await with bated breath testimony from former Attorney General and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, the latest public opinion poll from the non-profit Angus … Continue reading Is there any good news for anyone?

Is the Trudeau brand losing its lustre?

John Ibbitson makes a sound political case in the Globe and Mail. "The 2019 election," he suggests, "is shaping up to be a referendum on Justin Trudeau’s leadership, which is odd ... [because, he suggests] ... After only a few years in power, the Prime Minister should not be such a polarizing figure that this fall’s … Continue reading Is the Trudeau brand losing its lustre?

Hard to predict

I have gone on and on, perhaps too often, about a handful of election issues, reminding readers that my issues ~ a principled foreign policy, beefed up national defence and a grand strategy for Canada ~ are not going to win the next election; rather, I keep saying that the Conservative Party of Canada needs … Continue reading Hard to predict


I have been saying, for well over a year now, that Andrew Scheer can win in 2019 if he leads and works with a good team. Nearly three weeks ago, writing in the Toronto Sun, Liberal strategist Jim Warren ~ making year end predictions as many in the commentariat are wont to do ~  warned … Continue reading Teamwork