I don’t believe …

... that Justin Trudeau is an idiot who cannot manage to sit through a briefing. There are global leaders like that, but Mr Trudau is not amongst them. He can understand the points being made by senior officials, he can discuss, rationally, the policy options presented by his political advisors. He may not be the … Continue reading I don’t believe …

Is Canada broken?

A bit more than ten years ago, John Ibbitson asked that question in the Globe and Mail. It appeared to him, then, that "Canada is a nation of strong provinces with a weak federal government, hobbled by minority Parliaments and uncertain of its own relevance." Not much has changed, has it? He also said that … Continue reading Is Canada broken?

Let’s have a defence policy debate

About a week ago the Toronto Sun opined, in an editorial, that "These past four years have seen a significant number of headlines that involve our defence priorities and the Canadian Armed Forces, yet politicians shy away from drawing any further attention to the issues ... [but] ... That ought to change. We need to have … Continue reading Let’s have a defence policy debate

A few good planes

David Pugliese, writing last week in the Ottawa Citizen, reported that "Canadian special forces will receive three new surveillance aircraft from the U.S. with the planes expected to arrive in 2022 ... [and, he said] ... The three Beechcraft King Air planes, to be based at CFB Trenton in Ontario, will be outfitted with sensors and … Continue reading A few good planes

Future wars (12): “Modern victory is won and lost in the information space, not on the physical battlefield”

The Economist runs a series called 'Open Future' which they describe as "A global conversation on the role of markets, technology and freedom in the 21st century." Recently they featured a book excerpt by Sean McFate, a former American Army officer, and mercenary (private military contractor) and now a scholar (at the National Defense University … Continue reading Future wars (12): “Modern victory is won and lost in the information space, not on the physical battlefield”

Time to get intelligence and security right

Just a few days ago I said that I was not a big fan of the American intelligence community and a couple of weeks before that I explained, in sightly more detail, that my lack of enthusiasm was, in some part, because I believe that US President John F Kennedy reformed the CIA on the … Continue reading Time to get intelligence and security right

In other news …

The CBC, somewhat breathlessly, reports that "Five months after a Radio-Canada/CBC investigation revealed that the country's major mobile networks are vulnerable to hacking and fraud, documents obtained through Access to Information show that the agency responsible for the security of the federal government's networks withheld some information from the public at the time." That agency responsible for … Continue reading In other news …

Doing the right things

Yesterday I talked about four strategic priorities that should guide Canada's defence policies through to about 2050. They are: Containing and reducing threats to global peace and security by helping to maintain alliances like NATO and  groupings like AUSCANNZUKUS and supporting global peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts, even the generally worthless United Nations efforts; Confronting current … Continue reading Doing the right things

Another (Russian) threat

There is an interesting (and a bit frightening) article in the Ottawa Citizen, reprinted from Bloomberg News, headlined: "Russian cyber hackers are attacking U.S. energy grid and manufacturing sectors, FBI warns." "Russian hackers are conducting a broad assault on the U.S. electric grid, water processing plants, air transportation facilities and other targets " the Bloomberg report says, … Continue reading Another (Russian) threat

Political warfare/weaponized news: a threat to Canada?

Murray Brewster has written an interesting but troubling article on the CBC News website on this topic. I dealt with some of this a few weeks ago, discussing war in the "grey zone" and also in "disinformation war," but it is worth a return visit, especially because Mr Brewster goes outside of what most people regard … Continue reading Political warfare/weaponized news: a threat to Canada?