More fighter follies

Stephen Chase and Daniel Leblanc report, in the Globe and Mail, that “The U.S. military is threatening to pull the F-35 fighter jet out of the competition to replace Canada’s fleet of CF-18s, further disrupting the controversial acquisition program and increasing the tension between the two countries … [they say that] … The dispute, laidContinue reading “More fighter follies”

The new fighter jet competition is ready for takeoff

Murray Brewster, writing for CBC News, in an article datelined 15 Apr 19, says that “The politically charged competition to replace Canada’s aging fleet of fighter jets will rocket forward at the end of May as the federal government releases a long-anticipated, full-fledged tender call … [and, he reminds us] … There are four companies in theContinue reading “The new fighter jet competition is ready for takeoff”

Where are we? (4)

I’ve been worrying, for a couple of years now, about Russia’s military buildup in the Arctic and Canada’s lack of a meaningful, military, Arctic presence. As I mentioned, over two years ago, “This is not about NORAD or NATO, nor about peacekeeping or burden sharing, it is about the Defence of Canada and the territory,Continue reading “Where are we? (4)”

The fighter jet follies, again / another tangled web

A report by Lee Berthiaume on CTV News says that “Canada is being forced to shoulder a bigger share of the costs of developing F-35 fighter jets even though it has not decided whether it will actually buy any … [because] … Canada is one of nine partner countries in the F-35 project … [Canada joinedContinue reading “The fighter jet follies, again / another tangled web”

A colossal waste of money

David Pugliese, writing in the National Post just a couple of days ago, said, that “Canada has finalized a deal to buy 25 used fighter jets from Australia, the first of which are expected to be operating by this summer, says the top procurement official at the Department of National Defence … [and] … A secondContinue reading “A colossal waste of money”

I guess the Japanese don’t understand

Back in June of 2016 Canada’s brilliant leader, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted the F-35 stealth fighter,” according to a report by Lee Berthiaume reproduced in the the National Post “as a plane that “does not work.”” That was after he had been prime minister for more than six months and after, one assumes (just hopes?),Continue reading “I guess the Japanese don’t understand”

The fighter jet fiasco ~ the Auditor General has his say

Canada’s estimable Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, has, according to a report in the Globe and Mail, said that “The federal government has failed to put Canada’s fleet of CF-18s back into fighting shape, leaving the fighter jets unable to meet the country’s military requirements at home and abroad with no quick solution in sight.” ThisContinue reading “The fighter jet fiasco ~ the Auditor General has his say”

Complications in the fighter follies

There is a story by Lee Berthiaume of the Canadian Press on National Newswatch that says that “The long effort to replace Canada’s aging fighter jets took another surprise twist on Tuesday, as multiple sources revealed that French fighter-jet maker Dassault is pulling out of the multibillion-dollar competition.“ “The decision comes just over a weekContinue reading “Complications in the fighter follies”

Squaring the circle (2)

In an article in the Globe and Mail, Parliamentary Affairs correspondent Daniel LeBlanc details the convoluted process through which the Trudeau regime will try to keep two contradictory promises: “In the last federal election,” he reminds us, “the Liberals said in their platform that they would not buy the F-35, promising instead to select “oneContinue reading “Squaring the circle (2)”

The fighter follies

So, two things caught my eye recently: A bit over a week ago it was reported, in the National Post,  that “The U.S. government has approved Canada’s purchase of [up to 25] used F-18 fighter jets from Australia, paving the way for the deal to be completed by the end of the year … [and] … TheContinue reading “The fighter follies”