The first 100 days

Well, the first 100 days of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government are over and done with. On balance, he has done quite well, or, at least, well enough. Despite my personal reservations about some of his decisions and about some of his choices, I think that he has not made any really serious missteps. SuchContinue reading “The first 100 days”

Final word

I think it is time to close the book on Prime Minister Trudeau’s “refocus” of our efforts in the war against Da’esh/ISIL/ISIL, and, in so doing, I hope that neither columnist Andrew Coyne nor the National Post will mind very much if I quote an entire piece by Mr Coyne, which I am reproducing hereContinue reading “Final word”

Think it through

I actually don’t object to the “whip out our CF18s and show how big they are” quip that got Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into some political hot water. It was, in reality, rather good and quite apt, too … where he failed, where he is still failing, today,  was and is in his inability toContinue reading “Think it through”

The jury is still out

Why, I have to ask myself, is General Jon Vance able and willing to make a cogent case for the mission refocus while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is only able to regurgitate campaign talking points? Maybe, I answer, it’s because General Vance actually thinks about what our Canadian sailors, soldiers and air force people are doingContinue reading “The jury is still out”

Getting it from the horse’s mouth

Apparently, according to United States Marine Corps Brigadier General Tom Weidley, speaking from an unnamed base “somewhere in South East Asia,” Canada is “punching above its weight” in the fight against Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS. (In fairness to the new government, the article is many months old: April 2015. But, I think, the main point of the messageContinue reading “Getting it from the horse’s mouth”

Just not ready …

My friend Brigadier General (retired) Jim Cox asks the right question in a new article in the Vimy Report, a journal that I really hope everyone follows for its insights into national and global security matters, entitled: No fight in this dog. The key question is: Why wont Justin fight? Jim Cox suggests that he,Continue reading “Just not ready …”

A “holistic” approach to “fighting” ISIL

A report in today’s National Post says that International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau confirmed that the Trudeau government will, within days, will “announce a holistic approach and this includes all our contributions in terms of military, in terms of diplomacy and in terms of humanitarian assistance and development.” She added that “it’s important for usContinue reading “A “holistic” approach to “fighting” ISIL”

Left Out

A month ago I said that “half measures” in the fight against Da’esh were not going to work. A report in this morning’s Globe and Mail suggests I am right … “Canada has been excluded from a high-level meeting of “significant contributors” to the U.S.-led coalition called to discuss stepping up the fight to defeatContinue reading “Left Out”