The hardest possible Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, The Economist argues, faces an uphill battle with the European Union. The coming trade negotiations between London and Brussels “will not be easy to resolve … [the article says, because] … The British side says it is intolerable to impose more arduous conditions than those Canada has to accept ..Continue reading “The hardest possible Brexit”

CANZUK, again

CANZUK is an idea that has been floating around for a while now … I started talking about it some 3½ years ago when I read an article by Dr Andrew Lilico in the Financial Post. His idea was, and remains, simple: The British, he said, voted to leave the EU because they “did notContinue reading “CANZUK, again”

And it’s …

… Boris Johnson by a good, solid margin, according to the very early returns and exit polls. Prime Minister Johnson appears to have the solid majority (forecast to be 86 seats more than the combined opposition)* that he needs to make the Brexit happen. It’s not a landslide but it is, it seems to me,Continue reading “And it’s …”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Europe’s Dilemma

Carl Bildt is the former prime minister and foreign minister of Sweden, and co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations. He co-authored, with Mark Leonard, the recent report ‘From Plaything to Player: How Europe Can Stand Up for Itself in the Next Five Years.’ Just the other day he wrote a follow-up for theContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Europe’s Dilemma”

Will the (possible) US-China trade deal be bad for Canada?

Two items in the Globe and Mail caught my eye: First, Adam Tooze, a professor of history, and director of the European Institute, at Columbia University writes that “Mr. Trump’s trade policy is a strange mélange. It represents not one single coherent response to globalization, but a series of reactions superimposed one on top of theContinue reading “Will the (possible) US-China trade deal be bad for Canada?”

The world is changing … Canada must change, too

As I have been saying over the past few days and weeks … and months, the global strategic situation is changing, as it always does. In the last 500 years we have watched the decline Spain, then the rise and fall of the Netherlands, France, Britain, Japan, Germany and the Soviet Union and the riseContinue reading “The world is changing … Canada must change, too”

A Hard Brexit?

This is tied back, a bit, to yesterday’s post about the future of Europe, with or without Britain. Two things caught my eyes last week: First a blog post on The Spectator web site by Ross Clark that noted that there is considerable evidence that British attitudes towards the Brexit are hardening. Mr Clark thinksContinue reading “A Hard Brexit?”

Brexit and CANZUK

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “After all these years, after all that history, everything will be reversed. The United Kingdom will look to Canada, its former colony, for validation after Britain leaves the European Union … [of course, he adds, that is] … Assuming the chaotic mess at Westminster somehowContinue reading “Brexit and CANZUK”

Complications in the fighter follies

There is a story by Lee Berthiaume of the Canadian Press on National Newswatch that says that “The long effort to replace Canada’s aging fighter jets took another surprise twist on Tuesday, as multiple sources revealed that French fighter-jet maker Dassault is pulling out of the multibillion-dollar competition.“ “The decision comes just over a weekContinue reading “Complications in the fighter follies”

Canada and free(er) trade with China and the world

This post follows on from yesterday’s (Cold War 2.0) because, a few related things caught my eye: First, an article in the Globe and Mail which says that “China is pushing Canada to resume stalled talks toward a free trade deal, days after Ottawa agreed to a new North American trade accord that critics argueContinue reading “Canada and free(er) trade with China and the world”