“It will surprise no one,” the Globe and Mail’s John Ibbitson wrote in that newspaper, “if investigations into the attack on the Capitol Building last Wednesday conclude the Proud Boys were among the main culprits.” And it will surprise even fewer (if that’s even possible) that the Liberal Party will try to use whatever tool…… Continue reading Desperation

Saving the Canadian media (2)

So, a bit before Christmas I saw this on social media: W. Jeffrey Brown is the founder of Fourth Estate which proclaims that its role is “To contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.” The word sustainable caught my eye. Traditionally, since the 18th century, the…… Continue reading Saving the Canadian media (2)

The CBC’s death rattle?

I see in an article in the Globe and Mail that over hundreds of current CBC journalists and personalities, including, it says, “Anna Maria Tremonti, Michael Enright, Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay, Mark Kelley, Carol Off, Katie Nicholson and Nahlah Ayed” … [and] … dozens of former staff, including Adrienne Clarkson, former Fifth Estate host Linden MacIntyre and…… Continue reading The CBC’s death rattle?


This post on social media caught my eye: Even though I am on record as advocating truly massive changes in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, I am one of those who, like Mr Glavin, loves (too often, sadly, loved) what it can do for Canada. I have “loved” the CBC since I was a child. But…… Continue reading The CBC

Media bias

Everyone needs to watch this video clip. The “question” is nothing but paid Liberal Party propaganda. The anti-Conservative bias is so evident that if the CRTC wasn’t on the Liberal Party payroll, too, the CBC’s TV broadcasting licences would all be pulled. It is past time to get government funding out of the Canadian media.…… Continue reading Media bias

Did Trudeau muzzle scientists?

Do you remember, just a couple of years ago, when the CBC breathlessly announced that “It took five years, but the results of an investigation by the Information Commissioner of Canada were released and the verdict is in: the Harper government did muzzle scientists”? The investigation was “by Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault  … [and it]…… Continue reading Did Trudeau muzzle scientists?

Moving the Overton Window

Please watch this very brief (2’31”) video from the broadly conservative (pro-free market, anti-big-government) Michigan based Mackinac Center on the Overton Window. If two and half minutes is too much time for you to spare then this explanation from Politico might help: “The concept of the “Overton window,” the range of ideas outside which lie…… Continue reading Moving the Overton Window

Not a penny more

So, I saw, a few days ago, in a report in the Globe and Mail, that “The print media need extra sources of federal funding, as well as a new deal with foreign internet companies, to survive the economic shock brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the publisher of The Globe and Mail has told…… Continue reading Not a penny more


The Financial Times tracks the novel-coronavirus on a country-by-country basis. This chart shows three “first world” countries of similar populations: South Korea (51 million people in a small, densely populated space), Canada (37 million people in a HUGE area) and Australia (25 million people, also in a HUGE area): Does anyone with the brains that…… Continue reading Why?

It’s cartoonish

““Truth be told, I don’t watch TV news. It’s cartoonish. I would no more sit and listen to Rosemary Barton than I’d watch the Polka Dot Door.”” So said retired CBC correspondent Neil Macdonald. He was quoted by Mark Bonokoski in an article in the Toronto Sun. I agree with him. Perhaps it’s an age…… Continue reading It’s cartoonish