Ancient wisdom

I have mentioned (hoped) before that Prime Minister Trudeau might start, in 2017, to “reap the whirlwind” that he sowed with his silly campaign promises in 2015. Now, the Toronto Star reports that “After soaring in public approval for more than a year, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tumbled last month in a new poll that reflectsContinue reading “Ancient wisdom”

The social conservative dilemma

I have some sympathy for Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown who is described, in a National Post article by Michael De Tandt (that is, ostensively about rookie, teen-aged Ontario MPP Sam Oosterhoff), as being “Based on his voting record … a so-con himself, as Ontario Liberals adore pointing out … [because] … To the teensy extentContinue reading “The social conservative dilemma”

No sense of urgency

Back in the 2015 campaign … remember all those promises? … a fellow named Michael Blais, an injured veteran, himself, was a spokesman for a group called “ABC,” Anybody But Conservatives, that campaigned aggressively for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. After the election the ABC veterans quietly folded their tents and Mr Blais founded a new group.Continue reading “No sense of urgency”

More CPC Leadership News

Lots of news in the CPC Leadership race: The Globe and Mail reports that “when it comes to who should be the next leader, it appears Conrad Black has a preferred candidate – at least on the lunch circuit … The media baron recently sent out an email inviting guests to a Toronto luncheon for MaximeContinue reading “More CPC Leadership News”

Self destruct? Not likely …

Lorrie Goldstein, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “The federal Conservatives these days are a textbook example of the political reality that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything … The latest example, ” he says, “is a bizarre brawl in the party over leadership contender Kellie Leitch’s logical proposal that immigrants to CanadaContinue reading “Self destruct? Not likely …”

No, no, no and NO! (But …)

This story, from the Canadian Press, raises a disturbing question: is Kellie Leitch’s campaign team the same one that bought us “barbaric cultural practices?” According to the story Dr Leitch has asked her supporters: “Should the Canadian government screen potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values as part of its normal screening for refugees and landed immigrants?“Continue reading “No, no, no and NO! (But …)”


Rumours are circulating that Candice Bergen, Erin O’Toole and Michelle Rempel are all considering entering the CPC leadership race … … which would be good news. I think we want a big, exciting, even colourful field that represents ALL of Canada, coast to coast, and ALL points of view, from Red Tories to fiscal hawksContinue reading “Rumours”