If you’re interested in the CBC …

... the CRTC has opened a consultation on the CBC's license renewal for English and French radio and English and French TV. You can comment at this webpage: Share your ideas: CBC/Radio-Canada programming. It's simple and easy to do online: Pick a service ~ 201902800 English radio 201902825 English TV 201902792 French Radio 201902817 French … Continue reading If you’re interested in the CBC …

It’s time to end this rubbish

What rubbish, you might ask? This rubbish: I think it has been well established that Andrew Scheer is a deeply conservative Christian who, unlike Justin Trudeau, actually believes what his bible says. There are millions of people in Canada who are very much like Andrew Scheer: they are Buddhists, Christians, Daoists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and … Continue reading It’s time to end this rubbish

Is it time to get rid of the CBC? Should we?

OK, the source of this cringe-worthy video clip, Rebel Media, may be suspect to many ~ I do not follow them ~ but it does bring up a question: is this what we expect for the $1 Billion plus we pay for the CBC?. The complete interview, which I watched. looks, as someone else said, more … Continue reading Is it time to get rid of the CBC? Should we?

Professor Geist gets it

Professor Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law; he is a frequent commentator on the internet and the law. In an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail he says that the CRTC (the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), the agency responsible … Continue reading Professor Geist gets it