A constitutional alternative

Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, a couple of days ago, said, “Canada’s constitutional system makes it nearly impossible to get rid of the monarchy … [it is one of those things that takes the unanimous consent of all Canadian parliaments and legislatures] … But one day it is going to be unavoidableContinue reading “A constitutional alternative”

Wexit worries

There is a frightening column by Danielle Smith in the Calgary Herald which suggests that the prospect of a Wexit, about which I have commented, at least a couple of times, before, is on the rise. I remain, personally, committed to the notion that Canada, from sea-to-sea-to-sea, is better, in the 21st century, than isContinue reading “Wexit worries”

Experiencing things diffrently

I’ve just been reading the former Governor General’s statement announcing her (welcome) retirement. First, let me say that I wish her well. While, as I said several years ago, I believed (and still believe) that there was (and still is) a better choice, near at hand, she is a capable and accomplished, indeed an inspirationalContinue reading “Experiencing things diffrently”

Is it time for a change? (2)

Just over five years ago I advised Prime Minister Trudeau on the best choice for Canada’s Governor General … … Not surprisingly, he didn’t listen. Now I see that the talented, indeed inspirational woman he did choose … … is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Mme Payette is, it appears fromContinue reading “Is it time for a change? (2)”

Is our Parliament without value?

Andrew Coyne, writing in the Globe and Mail, a few days ago, made a point that bears repeating: “The Liberal government,” his column is headlined, “is making a mockery of Canada’s parliamentary democracy.” That’s right: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, making parliamentary democracy in Canada “seem stupid or without value.” AndContinue reading “Is our Parliament without value?”

Hey, you, get out of my jurisdiction

Remember that Rolling Stones hit from the 1960s: Hey, you, get off of my cloud? No? Do you mean anyone who actually remembers the ’60s wasn’t really there? Or is it that ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll sounds too much like the Team Trudeau campaign slogan? After all, legalizing pot was just about theContinue reading “Hey, you, get out of my jurisdiction”

The fall gal?

A couple of days ago I agreed with the Globe and Mail’s Robyn Urback who said that “In a normal government – one susceptible to shame, subject to real consequences, humbled by its occasional fallibility – Finance Minister Bill Morneau would be made to walk the plank.”  Of course, I don’t expect Bill Morneau toContinue reading “The fall gal?”

Reviving democracy

Lorrie Goldstein, a veteran Toronto Sun journalist and a constant critic of Justin Trudeau’s inept management of government, was, I hope, only trying to stir up a little controversy when he said, just the other day, on social media:   My hope is that he was trying, indirectly, to remind us that we, Canadians, andContinue reading “Reviving democracy”

And so they should

Olivia Stefanovich, reporting for CBC News, says that “Elected Wet’suwet’en chiefs are asking for the immediate resignation of Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett over an agreement between Ottawa, B.C. and hereditary chiefs, which they claim was drafted without their consent.” The two really important words are “elected” and “hereditary.” We Canadians are used to both.Continue reading “And so they should”

The first plan

I see that Saskatchewan is the first province to announce its plan to reopen. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, “Saskatchewan has laid out a detailed, comprehensive plan to reopen its economy, the first province in the country to do so … [and] …The plan, laid out in five phases, will startContinue reading “The first plan”