Just a thought (5): What happens next in the Middle East?

This is the fifth of five of my 'thoughts' on diverse strategic issues in the first 10 days of 2019. Well, one was related to the state of democracy in Canada, that's not exactly a matter of great strategic import but it should be of concern to some of us. Look at these maps, please: … Continue reading Just a thought (5): What happens next in the Middle East?

A study in contrasts

A few months ago we saw and read stories, on Global News and in the Toronto Sun, about Canadians who had been Da'esh/ISIL/ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq who had, along with their wives and children, been captured and detained by Kurdish forces. The Kurds want to send them back to Canada (and other 'parent' … Continue reading A study in contrasts

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Salafi-jihadism

Katherine Zimmerman, a research fellow at the generally conservative American Enterprise Institute, has written a good article for Foreign Affairs in which she explains that, while: "It may appear as if a global victory over the Islamic State is near, but it is not. What U.S. policymakers never seem to learn is that when it … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Salafi-jihadism

Safer, less safe and uh, oh …

OK, without using any scale, I would argue that the world is measurably "safer" because President Donal Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will meet, on 12 Jun, in Singapore. Do they deserve to share the Nobel Peace Prize? Why not? Given the fact that the Norwegian Nobel Committee thrives on controversy it ~ a … Continue reading Safer, less safe and uh, oh …


Many years decades ago, when I was a young major, I was posted to National Defence Headquarters (known to us as either Fort Fumble or Disneyland on the Rideau) to join the branch of the staff that was responsible for army operational equipment requirements. Our job, our boss, a gunner colonel, explained, was to figure … Continue reading Helicopters

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah

There is a very useful article in Foreign Affairs by Professor Mara Karlin which is headlined: "Israel's Coming War With Hezbollah ~ A New Conflict May Be Inevitable." Professor Karin asserts that "Another war between Israel and Hezbollah is almost inevitable. Although neither side wants a conflict now, the shifting balance of power in the Levant … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah

Grand Strategy (again)

Over the years I have talked a fair bit about both the elements of a grand strategy for Canada and the military capabilities that are necessary to make a grand strategy effective and the types of forces we need to be militarily effective. I have also stressed my worries about: A bloated, even grossly obese … Continue reading Grand Strategy (again)