An Almost Anglosphere

The Anglosphere, a semi-mythical construct, is very popular amongst some analysts, especially amongst those who despair of the low level of current US strategic leadership and in the loss of public trust throughout the US led West. For one brief shining moment, in 1943, on the old, French, ramparts of Quebec City, oddly enough, theContinue reading “An Almost Anglosphere”

Frightening Prospects

It has always struck me that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, like his father and, indeed, like President Barack Obama, wants to back away from the world and focus on our, Canadian, domestic concerns. This is understandable, it’s natural, we all wish that someone could “make the world go away” and let us focus on ourContinue reading “Frightening Prospects”

Peace and Prosperity

A few weeks ago I suggested that Canada needs a grand strategy and that it ought to be based on a firm foundation of acceptability to most Canadians (Louis St Laurent’s first principle) and on our vital, national interests. Those interests, I said, are: Our personal and political liberty; A peaceful world into which weContinue reading “Peace and Prosperity”

Securing our firm base

There is a pointed reminder, in this morning’s Globe and Mail, that our strategic firm base (to use an army tactical term) is, in this dangerous world, North America and Michael Kergin, former Canadian ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, former Mexican ambassador to the United States, and  Anthony Wayne, former U.S. ambassador to MexicoContinue reading “Securing our firm base”

Home truths from abroad

I hope I can be forgiven the play on words, at Robert Browning’s expense, in the title, but a young officer in Singapore, Major Choy Yong Cong, who recently graduated with top honours as a Distinguished Graduate at the US Marine Corps Command and Staff College, gave a thoughtful and insightful talk to prospective soldiersContinue reading “Home truths from abroad”

Defence of Canada

Yesterday I began to try to develop some sensible baseline roles for the Canadian Armed Forces. Looking at out geo-political situation I focused, not unreasonably, I think, on continental defence, and I developed three roles: To maintain active military forces to share in the continental defence of the North American homelands, of the maritime approachesContinue reading “Defence of Canada”

Establishing Some Baselines

I expressed, a view days ago, some thoughts on democracy. I think we put too much emphasis on the visible trappings ~ free and fair elections, etc ~ and not enough on the foundations ~ institutions, like respect for the rule of law ~ when we try to “spread” democracy around the world. In factContinue reading “Establishing Some Baselines”

Practical Diplomacy

The Globe and Mail reports that: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has selected a politically connected Toronto corporate consultant …c to take over as Canada’s envoy to the United States … David MacNaughton, chairman of Strategy Corp., who co-chaired Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal election campaign in Ontario, will become ambassador to Washington with a mandate to improveContinue reading “Practical Diplomacy”

The next Conservative leader should be a lot like a long dead Liberal

I said, earlier, in a post about the Conservative leadership race, that we should look to Liberal Prime Minister Louis St Laurent as a “model” for our next Conservative leader … … Uncle Louis, as he was often called, not always with great affection, was, in the words of Gordon Robertson, one of the bestContinue reading “The next Conservative leader should be a lot like a long dead Liberal”

What the PM is (and is not) doing

I do not believe that there is, as e.g. Ezra Levant suggests a “media party.” I think the Toronto Sun is far different in tone and approach than the Toronto Star and the National Post differs, substantially enough, from the Globe and Mail; I think that both The Rebel and it’s opposite number, Rabble, are part of the “media,”Continue reading “What the PM is (and is not) doing”