A warning and a challenge

Liberal heavy-weight Scott Reid, in an article in the Globe and Mail that has been widely linked to and commented upon on social media, says that, as a result of the Jane Philpott/SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson- Raybould affair, "Mr. Trudeau has been remade into a mere mortal, a regular old politician – as someone concerned with the … Continue reading A warning and a challenge

It’s time to repeat a warning

So, amidst the bit of fuss, earlier this month, about British Columbians' pretty firm rejection of the Green/NDP notion of electoral reforms ~ which, to be fair, got a helluva lot further than Justin Trudeau managed to push his promise ~ the BC Auditor General has issued a warning about the growing costs of health … Continue reading It’s time to repeat a warning

Congratulations …

... to Premier (elect) Doug Ford and the progressive Conservative Party of Ontario ... ... I take you at your word, sir, that you want to govern Ontario "for the people."  "We, the people," have one big, Big, BIG problem: governments, of all stripes, spend too much money and accomplish too little. Ontario remains, despite … Continue reading Congratulations …

Some further (maybe not helpful) musings on health care

A couple of years ago I commented on the 800 pound gorillas that are in each (provincial) living room in Canada: "health care costs continue to grow inexorably, they eat a greater and greater and greater share of provincial budgets, crowding out e.g. education and infrastructure (road and bridge) maintenance, and, effectively, weakening the economic … Continue reading Some further (maybe not helpful) musings on health care

2019 (1)

So, here were are in the dog days of summer ... the Calgary Stampede is over and done, the prime minister made a last minute, short, tightly controlled appearance , but Andrew Scheer seemed to have had more fun, and politicians are, mostly, home, doing some important constituency work, reconnecting with local voters and local issues … Continue reading 2019 (1)

The yellow brick road

Two columns by (moderately conservative) columnist John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail bear consideration: First, he says, a column headlined "In Andrew Scheer, Conservatives elect Stephen Harper 2.0 – with a smile" that Conservative ~ in surprisingly large numbers ~ made the smart and safe choice. "Conservative voters," he says, "concluded, by the narrowest … Continue reading The yellow brick road

The hedgehog who changed a country

In a famous essay, written in the early 1950s, the great British liberal philosopher Isaiah Berlin commented on an ancient Greek aphorism, preserved in a fragment from the poet Archilochus: "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." Berlin expanded on this notion dealing with the "one big idea" people, from … Continue reading The hedgehog who changed a country