A crime against Canadian history

Jim Bronskill of the Canadian Press, in an article published by the Globe and Mail, says that "Canada’s spy service destroyed a Cold War dossier on Pierre Trudeau in 1989 instead of turning it over to the national archives, The Canadian Press has learned ... [and] ... The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says the secret file … Continue reading A crime against Canadian history

A tale of two graphs

So, Adam Vaughan, a Liberal MP from Toronto, posted this on social media: It's petty standard Liberal fare and I'll bet that more than half, more likely ⅔ or even ¾ of Canadians believe it. In response, Richard Groves, who is an accountant from Kelowna BC, posted this: The GFC to which Mr Groves refers … Continue reading A tale of two graphs

Canada is still excluded

Back in 2018, the Canadian International Council noted that "While multiple Canadian governments have asserted it is in our national interest to be active in the Asia Pacific, Canada’s recent military and security record shows a lacklustre—and even dwindling—presence ... [and] ... Beyond a few “enhanced engagement” documents and Canada’s so-called “Year of the Asia Pacific” … Continue reading Canada is still excluded

You know things are bad when …

... even the prime minister's former (first) foreign policy advisor says that "“We can’t afford to continue these unforced errors, because there are real costs to relationships and to Canada’s credibility.”" Writing in the Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson, who is often critical of the Trudeau Liberals, recounts his conversation with Professor Roland Paris of … Continue reading You know things are bad when …

More on Trudeau in India and Indian influence in Canadian politics

David Akin, reporting for Global News, says that "Indian government officials believe that the problem of Sikh extremism in Canada is a lot bigger than the Canadian government thinks it is." That's important because Mr Akin, a season, trusted journalist is saying Indian government officials, not Indian journalists of Canadian commentators. He adds, this time … Continue reading More on Trudeau in India and Indian influence in Canadian politics

Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Davos, as I write, telling the great and the good that Canada is a wonderful place to do business, but Andrew Coyne, writing in the National Post, offers a darker and more sobering view of Canada's economy. He acknowledges that the immediate situation, in the opening weeks of 2018, … Continue reading Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

Some pretty good news …

It's going on to 25 years since Jean Chrétien promised (in the 1993 campaign's now famous Red Book) "zero helicopters" for the Canadian Forces because, he told Canadians, the Mulroney Conservatives wanted to replace the ageing but still serviceable  Sea Kings (which entered service in the early 1960s) with "Cadillacs" ... so they, the Canadian Forces … Continue reading Some pretty good news …