Doing the least wrong thing for all the wrong reasons

So, it appears that the the Trudeau regime is going to be forced into some sort of Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme in order to complete the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion (TMX) project. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, "The Trudeau government is buying the Trans Mountain expansion project from Kinder Morgan … Continue reading Doing the least wrong thing for all the wrong reasons

The “ineptocracy”

William Robson, who is the CEO of the highly regarded C.D. Howe Institute, writes in the Financial Post that "Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau and economist Jack Mintz debated Canada’s competitiveness for business investment in Wednesday’s FP Comment,. Morneau said Canada’s competitiveness is good, and showed a chart to support his view. Mintz said it is bad, and showed … Continue reading The “ineptocracy”

It’s not just me

So, for the last 18 months or so I've been wondering if it's just me who sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an über-entitled, vacuous, self indulgent twerp. It appears that Parliament's Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson and many editorialists have arrived at similar conclusions. I do not believe that Prime Minister Trudeau is corrupt but he … Continue reading It’s not just me

Morneau’s resignation

So, Andrew Scheer has called for Finance Minister Bill Morneau to either resign or for Prime Minister Trudeau to fire him. Mr Morneau is, in my opinion, a weak minister with an inflated sense of his own importance ... but in that he is just a much richer version of his boss, the "Trust Fund … Continue reading Morneau’s resignation

The flight path to safety

According to an article by Nathan Rochford of the Canadian Press, published in the Globe and Mail, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks that "Canada could play a key role in defusing the tense global standoff with the North Korean regime by working with Cuba, a course of action the prime minister says he discussed with … Continue reading The flight path to safety

And not so good for Prime Minister Trudeau: Ethics and elections

Two stories caught my eye the other day: First, in the Globe and Mail, Robert Fife and Steven Chase reported that "Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson was warned as far back as September that Finance Minister Bill Morneau could be in a conflict of interest over a bill he was spearheading that benefits his family firm, … Continue reading And not so good for Prime Minister Trudeau: Ethics and elections


In an editorial, the Toronto Sun says that "The stink surrounding Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s finances is getting worse ... [and] ... if the shares part of [all] this [litany of oversights] doesn’t violate the letter of the law it certainly doesn't pass the smell test for regular Canadians ... [thus, despite agreeing to put his … Continue reading Resign!