A recipe for populism

I am going to deal, for a few days, with the threats that I see facing liberalism and liberal democracy and, consequently, facing Canada, too. The celebrated Scots-American author and historian Niall Ferguson, speaking in 2016, BEFORE Donald Trump was elected and when most people still believed that Hillary Clinton would be the next US … Continue reading A recipe for populism

It was coverup day

So, last night we all saw this on the CBC News: "Liberal MPs on the Commons Justice committee say their work is done and any further examination of the SNC-Lavalin affair should be left to the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner ... [that's what] ... The five Liberals on the committee wrote to chair … Continue reading It was coverup day

Not a good day for Justin Trudeau … or for Canada

Well, the reviews are in, and, not surprisingly: John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that "Justin Trudeau should ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament immediately, with a general election to follow in April. Instead, he and his remaining advisers will likely hunker down and hope that time dulls the public outrage over … Continue reading Not a good day for Justin Trudeau … or for Canada

Cabinet making

A friend and regular interlocutor, reacting to a comment I made about a week ago, suggesting that the Trudeau cabinet is still too large, challenged me to look at the "ideal" cabinet. Now, it is certainly no secret that I think the "best" government Canada ever had, in modern times, say during the past century, … Continue reading Cabinet making

Divisions (4): Renewed populism and even separatism in Western Canada

The CBC is not famously an anti-Liberal (and especially not an anti-Trudeau) network. My, personal, impression is that most, not all, certainly, of the CBC's "on air" personalities and, in so far as I have met and talked with a couple of them, the CBC's executives are, quite proudly, representatives of the Laurentian Elites and … Continue reading Divisions (4): Renewed populism and even separatism in Western Canada

What Canadians want

Justin Trudeau did, indeed, say that "the budget will balance itself" (in a CPAC interview on 11 February 2014) and he repeated that (in a speech in Newmarket, ON, on 26 August 2015) when he said that a government he led would "grow the budget back into balance," after running a few small deficits. Now, … Continue reading What Canadians want

A warning for Canada

Accountants are often seen as boring people ... working, quietly, at desks with thick ledgers and calculators, making 'front line' people keep track of this penny and that dime at the expense of getting the job done. But accountants are not just bean counters with fancy titles, they are, also, strategic thinkers who help small … Continue reading A warning for Canada