Playing politics with pipelines

Chris Hall, writing for CBC News, says that "The Federal Court of Appeal gave its approval this week to a handful of Indigenous communities along the route that argued the government had failed — again — to properly consult them ... [and] ... While that decision might not come as a huge surprise to anyone who … Continue reading Playing politics with pipelines

A recipe for populism

I am going to deal, for a few days, with the threats that I see facing liberalism and liberal democracy and, consequently, facing Canada, too. The celebrated Scots-American author and historian Niall Ferguson, speaking in 2016, BEFORE Donald Trump was elected and when most people still believed that Hillary Clinton would be the next US … Continue reading A recipe for populism

It was coverup day

So, last night we all saw this on the CBC News: "Liberal MPs on the Commons Justice committee say their work is done and any further examination of the SNC-Lavalin affair should be left to the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner ... [that's what] ... The five Liberals on the committee wrote to chair … Continue reading It was coverup day

Not a good day for Justin Trudeau … or for Canada

Well, the reviews are in, and, not surprisingly: John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that "Justin Trudeau should ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament immediately, with a general election to follow in April. Instead, he and his remaining advisers will likely hunker down and hope that time dulls the public outrage over … Continue reading Not a good day for Justin Trudeau … or for Canada

Cabinet making

A friend and regular interlocutor, reacting to a comment I made about a week ago, suggesting that the Trudeau cabinet is still too large, challenged me to look at the "ideal" cabinet. Now, it is certainly no secret that I think the "best" government Canada ever had, in modern times, say during the past century, … Continue reading Cabinet making

Divisions (4): Renewed populism and even separatism in Western Canada

The CBC is not famously an anti-Liberal (and especially not an anti-Trudeau) network. My, personal, impression is that most, not all, certainly, of the CBC's "on air" personalities and, in so far as I have met and talked with a couple of them, the CBC's executives are, quite proudly, representatives of the Laurentian Elites and … Continue reading Divisions (4): Renewed populism and even separatism in Western Canada

What Canadians want

Justin Trudeau did, indeed, say that "the budget will balance itself" (in a CPAC interview on 11 February 2014) and he repeated that (in a speech in Newmarket, ON, on 26 August 2015) when he said that a government he led would "grow the budget back into balance," after running a few small deficits. Now, … Continue reading What Canadians want