Pipelines are just a symptom

There was a somewhat frightening article published, just a few days ago, on the BNN/Bloomberg website headlined: "Canada 'a laughing stock': Experts react to Trans Mountain indemnity." The "indemnity" is, of course, Finance Minister Bill Morneau's promise "to indemnify the project for politically-motivated delays and backstop any company that takes it on." That, alone, scares … Continue reading Pipelines are just a symptom

The next European central banker?

An article in Foreign Policy magazine leads me to look at the European Central Bank. "It’s clear," the article says, "that after Dutch, French, and Italian presidents of the ECB, the Germans believe it is their turn. Germany is the biggest economy in the eurozone and, in many German eyes at least, its anchor and … Continue reading The next European central banker?

And yet again … not outraged

The media is making a mountain out of the molehill which is Davos: specifically the fact that a hamburger at the Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is staying, along with his entourage, sells for about $(CA)70.00 (CHF 55.00). It harks back to the "scandal" a few years ago when former International … Continue reading And yet again … not outraged

Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Davos, as I write, telling the great and the good that Canada is a wonderful place to do business, but Andrew Coyne, writing in the National Post, offers a darker and more sobering view of Canada's economy. He acknowledges that the immediate situation, in the opening weeks of 2018, … Continue reading Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

Gee whiz … the G what?

I see that the Globe and Mail reports that "Canada will focus on climate change and gender equality, among other themes, when it takes the helm of the G7 presidency next year, potentially drawing more attention to the differences of opinion between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump." The G7 ... oh, … Continue reading Gee whiz … the G what?

New faces

There's an interesting column by Rick Bell in the Calgary Sun that contrasts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer. Mr Scheer says that  "Growing up, his mom was a nurse. His dad worked for a newspaper. These jobs are far from glamorous ... [and] ... The family didn’t have a car. Scheer took the bus. … Continue reading New faces

Why we need a Conservative government, soon

This report, from the highly regarded, albeit conservative, Fraser Institute, is two years old, but it points out how the tax burden on ordinary Canadian working families has changed over the past 50+ years, from 1961 ...  ... when the "bundle" of food, clothing, housing and utilities accounted for almost 60% of the average family's … Continue reading Why we need a Conservative government, soon