Is Canada broken?

A bit more than ten years ago, John Ibbitson asked that question in the Globe and Mail. It appeared to him, then, that “Canada is a nation of strong provinces with a weak federal government, hobbled by minority Parliaments and uncertain of its own relevance.” Not much has changed, has it? He also said thatContinue reading “Is Canada broken?”

It’s time to repeat a warning

So, amidst the bit of fuss, earlier this month, about British Columbians’ pretty firm rejection of the Green/NDP notion of electoral reforms ~ which, to be fair, got a helluva lot further than Justin Trudeau managed to push his promise ~ the BC Auditor General has issued a warning about the growing costs of healthContinue reading “It’s time to repeat a warning”

The fighter jet fiasco ~ the Auditor General has his say

Canada’s estimable Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, has, according to a report in the Globe and Mail, said that “The federal government has failed to put Canada’s fleet of CF-18s back into fighting shape, leaving the fighter jets unable to meet the country’s military requirements at home and abroad with no quick solution in sight.” ThisContinue reading “The fighter jet fiasco ~ the Auditor General has his say”