Nationalism, cosmopolitanism, Pierre Trudeau and Canada

I have commented before about nationalism, especially in the context of Justin Trudeau's notion that Canada is a "post national state" which I see as being rooted in his father's expedient anti-nationalism in which, I believe, he cloaked himself, starting in the late 1940s, because he knew that he had made a dreadful moral choice, … Continue reading Nationalism, cosmopolitanism, Pierre Trudeau and Canada

The Conservatives may have a problem

If the reports I read are correct and if I understand them correctly then, in August of this year, Medhat Oweida announced his campaign to be the Conservative Party of Canada candidate in the Riding of Mississauga Streetsville. This same Medhat Oweide appears to be one of the editors of (or a contributor to) Arham Canada, the Arabic-Canadian … Continue reading The Conservatives may have a problem


So, French President Emmanuel Marcon called for a real European Army, partially, according to a report on Global News, "to reduce dependence on the United States." Some new outlets reported that President Marcon wanted an army "to protect the continent from China, Russia and the US" and US President Trump, quite predictably, found this very "insulting." Let's … Continue reading Divisions

The everlasting prejudice

"Like most American synagogues," an article in The Economist explains, "the Kehilath Jeshurun congregation in Manhattan flaunts its Jewishness. The Hebrew letters of its name are cut in the stone façade, under stained-glass windows bearing six-pointed Stars of David. On the Sabbath, when Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump prayed there (before moving to the White House … Continue reading The everlasting prejudice