Trade with, not aid to, Africa

Almost a week ago I wrote that “In my opinion the US led West needs to re-engage with Africa, especially, and, in different ways, with West and South West Asia and the Middle East, too. These regions are the source of the great migration which threatens, even more than China’s ‘rise,’ Russian opportunistic adventurism and Islamist terrorism, to…… Continue reading Trade with, not aid to, Africa

A partial solution to the global irregular migrant problem

Some weeks ago I said, on the subject of illegal irregular migrants, that “We, Canadians, should understand what motivates these illegal migrants ~ most of them 95%+, for sure, just want to make better lives for themselves and their children, and we should not reject anyone, ever, on the grounds of race or creed or sex. Real, legitimate refugees need…… Continue reading A partial solution to the global irregular migrant problem

Dealing with a big thing

John Ibbitson, again (I featured one of his columns just yesterday) who is Writer at Large ~ a sort of ‘super-columnist’ I suppose ~ at the Globe and Mail, and  Darrell Bricker, who is Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, are the co-authors of The Big Shift (2013) and Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline (2019),…… Continue reading Dealing with a big thing

We need to be careful and clear …

We, Conservatives, and by word I mean classical liberals, especially those of us who are also Canadian nationalists and who, generally, oppose agreements that infringe or threaten our sovereignty, like the recently signed USMCA and the UN’s Global Compact on Migration, need to be a bit careful when we talk about immigration, refugees and migration.…… Continue reading We need to be careful and clear …

The Group of X (AKA the committee to save the world)

So, the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires has ended but, as Elizabeth Saunders reported in a piece that was published on the Brookings Institution’s web page, it “was overshadowed by other news. But … [she added] … there wasn’t much to overshadow anyway.” The problem, she explains, is that “Getting the world’s democracies to agree…… Continue reading The Group of X (AKA the committee to save the world)

The four dangerous Ds

I was just re-watching a talk by now US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, given to The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, back in 2015, after he had retired from the United States Marine Corps and before he joined the Trump cabinet. In it, at about 44’30” he said, he would offer just four…… Continue reading The four dangerous Ds

Canada needs to reverse course

A few days ago I noted that Australia has announced that it will not sign the United Nation’s new Global Compact on Migration because, the Australian government said, “the final draft of the compact said that migration detention should only be used “as a measure of last resort” and states should work towards alternatives … [but] … After failing…… Continue reading Canada needs to reverse course

Mali explained

There is a very useful policy paper on the Canadian Global Affairs Institute website titled: “Op PRESENCE – Mali: Continuity Over Change in Canada’s “Return to Peacekeeping” in Africa.” The Executive Summary says that: “Nearly 20 years since its last significant contribution to United Nations (UN) peacekeeping in Africa, Canada deployed an aviation task force…… Continue reading Mali explained

Just in case …

… we forget; just in case it might slip our minds; when I was a boy, in the 1950s, most of the people in the world worked like this: Today, hundreds of millions, mostly in Africa but some people in Asia (which is a HUGE continent) and Latin America still do. But most people in…… Continue reading Just in case …

Mali: “no prospect of success”

The opening of a CTV News story says that “The man who led Canada’s troops in Afghanistan said the Canadian peacekeeping mission in Mali has “no prospect of immediate success” … [and, he added] … “The political overtones and what’s going on in this country and this mission are ugly,” retired major-general David Fraser told CTV’s…… Continue reading Mali: “no prospect of success”