Afghanistan in (1st draft) retrospect

It's far, far too soon to write the history of the war in Afghanistan. In that regard, I'm reminded of the anecdote about the first meeting of Henry Kissinger and Zhou Enlai in the run-up to the historic Nixon visit to China. Dr Kissinger, knowing that Zhou Enlai was interested in history, is reputed to … Continue reading Afghanistan in (1st draft) retrospect

After John Bolton

Richard N Haass, a distinguished American former diplomat and now president of the Council on Foreign Relations, writes in the Financial Times that "Glory seems especially fleeting for American national security advisers, as we have now had three in less than three years ... [and] ... The most recent to be shown the door is … Continue reading After John Bolton

Searching for a role in a Cold War 2.0 world

This follows my posts from a few days ago about Cold War 2.0 and a possible role for the small and medium powers. Eugene Lang, a long-time Liberal insider and, currently, a fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) and an adjunct professor in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University, has written a timely … Continue reading Searching for a role in a Cold War 2.0 world

Monumentally stupid

Originally, when I first saw this story, a week or so ago, I wasn't going to comment ... I didn't want to rub salt in the wounds which I know some personal friends still feel. But then the media picked it up: both Murray Brewster, writing for CBC News, and Vassy Kapelos on CBC's Power … Continue reading Monumentally stupid

Someone needs to give their head a shake

David Pugliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, reports that "The memorial to fallen Canadian troops that was once at Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan is expected to be officially unveiled sometime in November at the Department of National Defence campus in west-end Ottawa. The cenotaph which memorializes the losses endured in the Afghan war was rebuilt … Continue reading Someone needs to give their head a shake

Policy by twitter

It has become more and more fashionable to announce ~ even in President Trump's case to make ~ policy using Twitter. Several analysts are worried about the impact. In an article that was, originally, published in the Calgary Herald and then, reportedly at the request of the victim's family, deleted, and then republished in the … Continue reading Policy by twitter

Urban warfare, war in megacities ~ getting it all wrong?

A few months ago I wrote a series of pieces about the nature of war in the future; one article was about urban warfare. Now I see a very interesting article in Signal, the journal of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) (which is a sort of professional association for military communication and … Continue reading Urban warfare, war in megacities ~ getting it all wrong?