Resetting the Conservative Party of Canada

The media is full of, mostly useless, advice for the Conservative Party of Canada. I see two trends: ~ Return to one element’s “Red Tory” roots; or ~ Go the whole hog to the social conservative/religious right flank. Both are, in my opinion, recipes for disaster. Both the Red Tories and the “SoCons” are fringesContinue reading “Resetting the Conservative Party of Canada”

Advice worth ignoring

The sort of “advice” which Conservatives need to ignore, in total, is the sort offered, in this column, which is reproduced under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act from the Globe and Mail, by Jeffrey Simpson, unofficial spokesman for the Laurentian Elites: Quote For Tories, a long list of difficult questions SUBSCRIBERSContinue reading “Advice worth ignoring”

John Baird to seek CPC Leadership?

The Globe and Mail is reporting that former Foreign Minister and Ottawa MP John Baird, 46, is, indeed, considering offering himself for the CPC leadership. “A Baird candidacy,” the Globe and Mail opines, “would significantly alter the ‎competitive landscape for the helm of a party now in search of a compelling challenger to stand upContinue reading “John Baird to seek CPC Leadership?”